Metro bridge collapsed – dead and injured

Metro bridge collapsed - dead and injured

Just when a metro bridge in Mexico City was about to cross, the overpass collapsed: the wagons ran into the depths, killing many.

When parts of a metro bridge collapsed Mexico City Several metro wagons exploded and at least 23 people died. “We regret that there have been deaths,” Mayor Claudia Shinbaum wrote on Twitter on Tuesday night (local time). The minors were among the victims, the media reported, citing the politician. At least 70 people were injured, some seriously. At least 49 were taken to hospitals.

In the fall, several wagons of the Metro Line 12 train fell a few meters below Monday evening (local time) and collided with each other, as can be seen in the video on social media. According to Shinbaum, part of the bridge gave way after initial findings. She announced an investigation into “an unfortunate and serious incident”. Several cars were moving under the collapsing section of the overpass at the Olivos train station on the southeastern side of the metropolis.

You can see the recording of the accident and rescue operations Here Or in the video above.

The newspaper “Universal” only heard a loud thunder and everything fell down, “Universal” quoted a 26-year-old survivor as saying. Many people will be sitting or standing with him in the car. They were blown into the air and thrown against the roof. Suddenly the light went off and people shouted, another woman described in the video published on the newspaper’s Twitter account.

She fell on the crowd and later came out of the car, the woman reported. Many passengers called for help. A large contingent of rescuers first evacuated the people from the wagons hanging from the ladder. Due to the unstable condition of the train, a crane was later used to free the trapped occupants during rescue operations.

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Local residents reportedly condemned the damage to the pillars along the route of the underground line 12 years ago. After the September 2017 earthquake, citizens worried that the structure might collapse. According to this, cracks appeared, among other things, after an intensity of 7.1. There are also allegations of corruption in the construction of the route. In 2014, not long after the opening of Line 12, operations were suspended for months for repairs.

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