Impeachment plan against Trump: Allegations: to incite riot

Impeachment plan against Trump: Allegations: to incite riot

The US Democrats’ motion for impeachment against Trump is the only allegation of “inciting a riot”. More and more Republicans are also turning to Trump.

Democrats in the US House of Representatives want to begin a new impeachment process against elected US President Donald Trump on Monday. As Democrat James Clyb told CNN, the only charge in the draft resolution was to “incite a riot”. Democrats accused the president of fueling his supporters at a rally before the storm in the Capitol last Wednesday. Five people were killed in the riots, including a police officer.

Prohibition of future offices?

In addition to impeachment, the draft proposal also prohibits Trump from future government offices. This is an important point for Democrats: it would deny him a possible candidacy in 2024.

A vote in the plenary at the opening of a process may take place on Tuesday or Wednesday, Clyb said. There is a possibility of an endorsement in the House of Representatives, as the Democrats have a majority. But the Speaker of the Parliament, Nancy Pelosi, might not be able to move the U.S. Senate until much later, the second House of Congress – in which Republicans still hold a majority. “It will decide when is the right time to refer the case to the Senate”, Clyb said.

Another republican gets away

Criticism of the president is also increasing among Trump’s Republicans: Two Republican senators are now calling for his resignation. Recently, Pennsylvania MP Pat Tommy urged his fellow party member to resign. On Saturday, Tommy had already told Fox News that Trump had committed an “unfair offense”. He did not say whether he would vote for the presidency in the event of a trial in the Senate. On Sunday, he went public with the resignation.

Senator Lisa Murkowski previously broke up publicly with Trump. And Republican Senator Ben Sasse said he would “definitely consider” the impeachment.

“Why now?”

Still, many Republicans who turn their backs on their presidents have to pose a question: Why now? On Fox News TV, Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney answered such a question. “Everyone recognizes that Wednesday’s events are a turning point. When people criticize Trump, I can usually defend him, it’s political differences or a difference in style. But Wednesday was different. At heart it The point is, what it means. To become an American. “

Impeachment is almost impossible

Trump will be the first president in history to face impeachment twice. He was convicted a year ago in the Ukraine case, but was not removed from office due to the thanks of most Republicans in the Senate.

Trump will automatically leave office on January 20 with the swearing in of his Democratic successor Joe Biden. Even though the House of Representatives decided to open the impeachment proceedings this week, a decision in the Senate, in which it would be headed, would become nearly impossible before January 20.

With information from Torsten Teichmann, ARD-Studio Washington

On January 10, 2021 at 8:00 pm Tagashchu will report on this subject.

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