Rick Goldmanmann on DEB-Team, Cedar, Niederberger and Canada

Rick Goldmanmann on DEB-Team, Cedar, Niederberger and Canada

Hello Ice Hockey Friends,

Coronation hopes unfortunately did not materialize after the German national team’s stellar performance, the bronze medal was missed by the boys of Tony Soderholm.

Even though every single player absolutely wanted (and deserved!) a medal, energy performance was no longer possible after a mainly mentally tough loss in the semi-final against Finland.

But for my view of this World Cup, you don’t need this bronze to show that it was an extraordinary, outstanding achievement. This German national team was enthusiastic, carried away, encompassing everything that now defines German ice hockey and what it means.

This is the team spirit, that is the big heart, that is the lion heart, that is the ultimate desire, that is, to throw oneself into the shots, to block everything, that is, to go into a duel. Yes all that.

DEB Team Inspired By Young Savages

But we also noticed that she continues to develop in a playful way, that she not only plays ice hockey, but can also play. at the top level! That’s what young and wild people like Lucas Reichl, JJ Pieterka and above all Moritz Cedar say.

Cedar has already been voted the best defender of the tournament and is also part of the tournament’s all-star team – along with Korbinian Holzer. And eventually he was named the best young player and defender of the season in the Swedish league. What else is possible for this guy?

What we must not forget: Cedar is only 20 years old, Reichel and Peterka only 19th born in 2001 and 2002. But Leon Gawanke and Lynne Bergman are also only 22 years old. Next is Tim Stutzl. The development of these people is not over yet. They are still a long way off from what they can learn and achieve.

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Experienced players and Niederburgers as a perfect complement

With all the enthusiasm for the young and the wild, we must not forget that it is the perfect mix of young and experienced players, hungry yet calm players as well.

Players like Marcel Knoebles, Corby Holzer, Captain Mo Müller or Matthias Plachta, who can draw on the experience of many world championships. And don’t forget the octopus from Riga, Mathias Niederberger, who brought out the peace we needed.

This step in further development in German ice hockey can also be seen in the results of previous tournaments. Rank 6 2019, Now 4th position.

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And Germany is now in fifth place in the world ranking. Yes, fifth. before Sweden. Eleven time world champion. Most recently in 2017 and 2018. Before the Czech Republic. Six-time world champion. before Switzerland. For a long time and still in development is seen as a role model. Germany has thus moved up the list of top 6 countries.

The German team showed in this bubble what was important in this Lucky Bag World Cup. Heart, character, team spirit. Salute to Tony Soderholm, the conductor of this team.

Canada world champion even after a weak start

The same applies to the new world champion Canada. After the first three matches in the tournament no one had imagined – first, that Canada would start the tournament 0–3 – they still managed: to become world champions. Despite four losses.

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But initially these 28 players became a unit over the course of the tournament that found each other, who found his game, who developed together and played better and better ice hockey with him. And along with Andrew Mangiapen, who was missing the first few games as he was still in action for the Calgary Flames in the NHL, he also got another boost.

The striker didn’t become the tournament’s MVP for nothing. With his row around Adam Heinrich and Connor Brown – who coincidentally scored all three goals in the final – he advanced the Maple cards aggressively. That’s what you need too. For a well-functioning team, players who can grab a game. And all three could do it.

The perfect winner for the Wonder Bag’s World Cup

Canadians are the epitome of this bubble world cup. With a victory against the best team in Group B (USA) and the best team in Group A (Russia) after seven games against the defending champions (Finland), they defied all odds, the toughest path to the title. adopted.

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At the same time, they were one goal away from Latvia making it to the knockout round against Germany. It was thanks to the German team’s victory against Latvia after only 60 minutes that the Canadians had a chance to play for the gold. Wonderbag World Cup.

But this surprise bag brought us great joy, as well, thanks to the great, inspiring performance of the German team. As I wrote in the first column, we had to wait 726 days to see it again. And the wait was worth it. Even though I don’t want to wait 726 more days for the next World Cup.

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But the Olympics will take place in 242 days. Then with the best players in the world, as the NHL will be back after a four-year break. I am looking forward to it.

your rick

45-year-old Rick Goldmann was on the ice 126 times for the German national team. The defender, who was drawn 212th in the 1996 NHL Draft by the Ottawa Senators, played one game in the NHL. After a serious ankle injury, he ended his career at EHC Munich in 2008. In his career he played for EV Landshut, Adler Mannheim, Kaufbauer Adler, Moskitos Essen, ERC Ingolstadt and Iserlohn Roosters 500 DEL Games. For game1 Goldman has been commentating on the national team and DEL games since 2008.

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