People with heart disease more likely to develop depression

People with heart disease more likely to develop depression

Dr. Karen Zoffel | 06/07/2021

People who show symptoms of depression after a heart attack may have an additional burden: They are at higher risk of depression than people with heart disease who do not have symptoms of depression. Another heart attack or stroke is also more likely.

People who suffered from depression after a heart attack were 2.5 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than people without heart disease without depression. In addition, their risk of other serious heart diseases, such as another heart attack or stroke, was 6.5 times higher. These results may be derived from data from a study in which the long-term success of cardiological follow-up treatment was recorded.

“We now know very well that depressive symptoms pose a risk for coronary heart disease. What is new is that mental illness is also a risk factor for diabetes in these patients,” said Dr. Raphael Peter from the University of Ulm, who The specialist published the results together with colleagues in the journal “Cardiovascular Diabetology.” Researchers suspect that chronic inflammation is a cause of the connection, as it is known from both type 2 diabetes and depression that inflammatory processes are an essential factor in the development of these diseases. play a role.

Based on their results, they consider it important to monitor the patient’s psyche after a heart attack. They especially expect a lot from more exercise, as physical activity helps improve depressive symptoms and promotes heart health.

they: 10.1186/s12933-021-01298-3

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