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The Gundelfingen Youth Center wants to offer more for girls.

The youth center in Gundelfingen is open to girls and boys. Now girls and their needs should be looked at more closely. Franziska Zielg of the Youth Center presented her new program at the social committee meeting on Monday evening.

“The work of youth is often oriented towards boys,” explained social worker Zillag. Even though the current program at the youth center is aimed at girls and boys alike, billiards, darts and table football are in the entrance area and therefore in the foreground. “The girls are already wondering if they’re right.” But that’s about to change. “We want girls to feel comfortable with us and take the space and time for personal conversation,” Zillg said.

In her program now there are different, creative offers and excursions specifically for girls. “I want to work with the girls on this proposal and implement it,” Zillg said. Exchanges with girls should be in the foreground of all activities. “For example about the performance pressures they experience in school, but also about their acceptance of their bodies, which is a huge topic for girls.” The girls had other subjects and other questions, the 35-year-old said. She is open to discussions about beauty insanity, anorexia, self-determined sexuality or gender identity. “Not everyone has a parent’s house where they can talk about it.” According to Zillag, girls should be seen and addressed at every level – not just as victims. Related offers are free of charge and are possible without registration.

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There is now a special girls’ room as a retreat space for new work with the girls. “I want to stand up for the girls’ concerns, support and strengthen them in all of life’s issues – for that I need their trust,” said Franziska Zilg. But she also knows that equality can be achieved only when good work is done with boys as well as work with girls.

Counselor Maria-Louise Prunkel (CDU) found the beginning of overdue work with the girls at the youth center. “We still have unequal situations, for example in professional life,” she said. “That’s why it’s important that girls develop into strong personalities.” Holger Beha (Greens) wanted more work to be done on media literacy among girls. Lucas Paul (SDP) recommended promoting new work with girls in schools and contacting a sports federation, as there should be a girls’ team. “We can’t do a lot of ads because our space is limited and there are already a lot of girls and boys coming to Juz,” said Franziska Zilg. She is already in touch with the community school and will be looking for him for a football club.

“We are on the right track,” said Mayor Rafael Walz. He hopes that this offer will be very popular for girls.

Gundelfingen Youth Center Can be reached here at Vörstetter Strae 9

tel. 0761/59 11 220 or by e-mail

[email protected]

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