Mannheim: City imposes an immediate ban on barbecue – also on barbecue areas and fire pits

Mannheim: City imposes an immediate ban on barbecue – also on barbecue areas and fire pits

It’s that time again: Due to the increased risk of wildfires, the city of Mannheim has issued a general ban on barbecue. (symbol image)

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Mannheim – Summer time is barbecue time. But in Mannheim, barbecuing in public places is again strictly prohibited! Barbecue ban rules:

due to current dryness gives directions to the city Mannheim Currently on the topic of “barbecue ban” again. According to police ordinance Mannheim reigns in the city public place a General Grill BanAs soon as the forest fire risk index has reached a level of 4 or more. The German Meteorological Service is forecasting 4 out of 5 forest fire risk levels starting today, Tuesday (15 June).

Ban on barbecuing applies barbecue area and fire pits In the Mannheim forests, as well as on the bathing lakes and the Neckar. The level of wildfire danger can vary from day to day depending on the current weather conditions. The current danger level can always be found on the homepage of the German Weather Service.

Faridabad Mannheim
The Federal State Baden-Württemberg
Surface 144,96 km
population 310,658 (as on December 31, 2019)
Mayor Dr. Peter Kurz (SPD)

If barbecue is banned, the municipal security service will investigate accordingly. Whoever violates the ban will have to OK in the amount of 50 euro numbers.

Mannheim: These rules apply because of the drought in the forests

because of that dryness The city appeals to the common sense of all citizens and at the same time asks the following regulated to note:

  • auto Never park away from paved areas (asphalt or gravel), as dry leaves or grass can be ignited by hot parts of the car.
  • even thrown glass bottles In relation to sunlight can trigger a whole forest fire, as they act like a magnifying glass.
  • smoke According to the State Forest Act, it is generally prohibited in the forest from March to October, regardless of the current risk situation.
  • In case of emergency, fire brigade and rescue vehicles have to reach the forest quickly. Therefore it is important to establish constraints and Ways To keep clear.
  • The city administration also asks all forest visitors to give their waste To be taken with you or disposed of in the dustbins provided on site.
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General rules to be observed on the topic “barbecuing in public green spaces” can be found on the municipality’s website here can be read. (PM/Peak)

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