Telephone fraudsters bring men from the Pasau region for 90,000 euros

Telephone fraudsters bring men from the Pasau region for 90,000 euros

Police warned of alleged profit promises over the phone. – Symbolic photo: Rolf Weinbernad / dpa

An elderly in Pasau district fell victim to telephone fraudsters, with criminals capturing around 90,000 euros. The police therefore warn against promises of perceived benefit.

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“Dear Mr. Musterman, I am pleased to tell you that you have won the lottery.” In late April, an unknown caller greeted a person from Pasau district over the phone in late April. It was said that he won 94,000 euros. To do this, he only has to pay in advance for the transportation costs. According to police, the unidentified caller persuaded his victim to buy a prepaid card from GooglePlay and pass the code over the phone. According to the police, there has been a loss of property in the amount of 27,000 euros.

In early May, the injured party received another call. This time it was said that he had won 880,000 euros in the lottery. However, he will have to pay in advance for processing fees. This time, money was transferred directly to the perpetrators – until the victim’s bank eventually blocked the account. Police said that at this time, the man had already transferred more than 60,000 euros to the fraudsters.

Used fake websites

To legalize calls and monetary claims, the injured party was referred to two websites. Here he had to register and then he could see his benefit and required taxes and fees. Because the competition company allegedly collaborated with the GooglePlay service, the payment method in the form of prepaid cards also seemed legitimate.

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According to the police, the criminals in this case have created their own website, this shows that in which professional ways the criminals are now moving forward. Police say the pages look very professional at first glance. However, upon closer inspection, the discrepancies will become apparent – the most commonly missing impression.

Police insists: it can affect anyone

The call of the police is not to underestimate this fraud. “Many people think: Oh, this scam will never work for my grandfather, uncle, grandmother, aunt, etc. Finally, however, criminals always manage to deprive older citizens of their property, as in this case Can be seen as influential in “.”, According to an investigator from the Lower Bavaria Criminal Police.

Hence the police headquarters in Lower Bavaria appeals to all citizens to keep talking about the scam in their circle of friends. Not only relatives are in demand, but also friends, acquaintances, caretakers, bank employees and more. Because there are also elders who have no close relatives who inform them about such topics. “Obviously we are reaching out to very few people regarding these matters with our public relations work. So we depend on a pyramid scheme. People have to talk to their friends over and over again about these telephone frauds. . Let the grandchildren move, be false like a police officer or a promise of profit here. We will probably have to contend with this incident for a long time, “said Press spokesman Maximilian Bohms.

A call comes with a promise of profit: this is what the police advise

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Keep in mind that if you have not participated in the lottery, you cannot win anything.
Never spend money to claim estimated benefits, pay no fees or dial special numbers that are subject to the fee, these begin with, for example, area codes 0900, 0180 or 0137.
Never give personal information – Do not give any phone number and address, bank account details, bank code, credit card number or similar information.
Ask the caller the name, address and telephone number of the responsible people, what kind of competition it is and what you have actually won. Note down his answers. Reject improper monetary claims.
Defend yourself by canceling an alleged contract and opposing it for fraudulent misrepresentation. Consumer advice centers provide sample papers for this purpose.
Check your bank statement and phone bill at least once a month.
Let your bank or savings bank reverse the unauthorized direct debit. You can easily object to the debit within a certain period of time. You should also contact your bank advisor immediately.
Use the official advantage inquiry options from your competition providers. – weaving

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