Daniela Katzenberger: Self-proclaimed “fat jellyfish” gives her real weight

Daniela Katzenberger: Self-proclaimed "fat jellyfish" gives her real weight

Some of them describe themselves as “fat jellyfish”. But TV star Daniela Katzenberger sends congratulations on behalf of Mallorca. But as a precaution, she is making a radical change on Instagram.

Update 8 October 2021, from 9:15 am: Now it’s out: Daniela Katzenberger tells her followers how many kilos she currently weighs. In a question-and-answer session on her Instagram channel, she answers the question with a boomerang, which shows her in a white sports outfit. The blonde writes only “1.63 m” and “63 kg” and feels very comfortable in her own skin.

First message: Daniela Katzenberger in bikini on the boat: “The Fat Jellyfish” greets fans

Mallorca – Daniela Katzenberger can laugh at herself. With her two million Instagram followers, she loves to share funny and personal moments from her life. Now she has posted a picture of herself in a bikini, in which she describes herself as a “fat jellyfish”. However, for self-protection, she had to take a step which is believed to protect her from the evil tongue.

Daniela Katzenberger Slim & Slim: “The Cat Is Back”

The cat has been on a diet for weeks, and Daniela Katzenberger has reduced herself to 60kg. She keeps her fans informed about her new life. Sports and Nutrition In the everyday life of the Color TV star, salad scandals and leggings mishaps are a must. She is proud of her new body, presents herself in tight bikini, shows herself sweaty while doing sports. She’s just turned 35 and refers to herself on Instagram as “the malle-milf of her mid-thirties,” which definitely wasn’t there in the first place. She feels like a grandmother when she thinks about the fact that she’s been in the business for 15 years, Daniela continues. But Lucas Cordalis’ wife doesn’t look like a grandma and still has to shield herself from blatant hateful comments.

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Daniela Katzenberger Takes a Revolutionary Step on Instagram: “Best Celebration”

3,385 posts can be found on Daniela Katzenberger’s Instagram account. From revealing to completely natural: every day she takes pictures of herself and her loved ones. His younger daughter Sofia (6) was initially pulled into the limelight and pictures of him and his mother are well-liked. Gori Gori is loved by many fans for her straightforward and humorous style. She openly and honestly shares her unedited pictures which show her how she is. “I love orange peel,” admits the cult blonde.

But persistent fame also has its disadvantages. There are many internet trolls floating on social media who spread hatred and agitation regardless of the feelings of others. Hiding behind anonymous accounts, they can make lewd comments without being prosecuted. Daniela Katzenberger doesn’t feel like doing that anymore. He has switched off the comment function on his Instagram account. Fans can now just like or share, everyone has to keep their personal opinion to themselves.

In her Instagram Story, Daniela Katzenberger presents herself in a leopard bikini. As a precaution, he turned off the comment function on Instagram.

© Instagram / Screenshots / Daniela Katzenberger

TV star celebrates her character: Daniela Katzenberger happy in Mallorca

Looking extremely happy, she is standing on the boat in a leopard bikini, her self-love can be clearly felt. “The cat is back”, she writes under her picture. She feels well and enjoys her life on the sunny island of Mallorca. In the background, husband Lucas jumps in joy in the sea. This is a statue full of family happiness. It makes sense that he doesn’t need any negative comments from complete strangers. After all, she allows herself a little joke with her haters: “Best feature on Instagram: ‘deactivate comments’. A piece of cake on top. Hello, fat jellyfish”. After that game , she really deserved it. (But)

List of rubrics lists: © Screenshots / Instagram / Daniela Katzenberger

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