Goodbye Germany star Oksana Kolesnichenko: on honeymoon without children

Goodbye Germany star Oksana Kolesnichenko: on honeymoon without children

Oksana Kolesnichenko is eagerly waiting for the honeymoon. But before that it’s time for the “Goodbye Germany” star to say goodbye to the two kids.

,goodbye germany“-Stars Daniil (39) and Oksana Kolenichenko (34) tied the knot for the second time in early July. To celebrate their tenth anniversary, expatriate couple renovated together with two kids lives in las vegasHer wedding vows, on the Greek island of Mykonos.

Now both want to go on honeymoon. And even though it’s the second yes, it must be a romantic day without their kids Milan (7) and Ariel (5). Then it was time to say goodbye. And it was quite touching, as Oksana shows in one of the Instagram stories.

“Goodbye Germany” star Oksana Kolesnichenko says goodbye

In the cute clip that Oksana Kolesnichenko posted on Instagram, she can be seen saying goodbye to Milan for the first time. Even though Bada tries to be brave, you can still see how difficult it is for him to say goodbye to his mother. About the recording Oksana writes, “It’s time to say ‘goodbye’ to mom too – since mom and dad are going to enjoy their honeymoon, the kids are flying with grandma to Turkey, on which you Milan advising to be nice. Being a grandmother, teaching English to everyone and learning Russian myself.

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Oksana Kolesnichenko: hugs for daughter

After matching, it is the turn of daughter Ariel, who warmly hugs Oksana Kolesnichenko. “I love you so much. Have a nice week, okay,” Oksana, who has trouble holding back her tears, tells her daughter and writes about the recording: “We’re going to have kids for a whole week. – I miss him already, but I look forward to spending time with Daniil Kolenichenko.”

“Goodbye Germany” star Oksana Kolenichenko had a lavish wedding

Oksana and Daniil Kolesnichenko could certainly use the time together after the second wedding, as the migrants marathoned a real wedding, as the photos on Instagram prove.

The party started very casually on the beach, where Oksana posed for a happy photo with friends.

Later, on a Greek evening, the dancing leg was rotated and here too, Oksana and Daniel were already dressed in white.

When it was time to say yes again, Oksana smiled in a dress reminiscent of a real courtly dress and beautifully staged her long legs.

The 34-year-old ends the series of photos with a group photo and thanks “all these 50 people who matter most to us have taken the trip – to celebrate love with us on Mykonos”.

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