RTL Abführer – “Bauer Such Frau” star speaks plain text: “How did it proceed”

RTL Abführer - "Bauer Such Frau" star speaks plain text: "How did it proceed"

Contrary to previous rumours, “Summer House of the Stars” will take place this year without Antonia and Patrick. Photo: Antonia_Hemmer / Instagram

Not included in “Summer House”: “Bauer Such Frau” candidate reveals RTL strategy

A few days ago RTL announced the cast for the new season of “Das Sommerhaus der Stars”. Among others, Mola Adebisi and his girlfriend Adelina as well as “Love Island” couple Samira and Yasin. The cast gets a huge surprise, as many of the potential candidates who were rumored to have been traded for the show are not there.

Patrick and Antonia of “Bauer Sucht Frau” were one of the couples involved with the scandalous “Summer House of the Stars”, but who would not actually appear in front of the cameras. Hannover’s model now bids instagram It went into more detail about what really happened behind the scenes and provided insight into RTL’s new strategy for the format.

“Sommerhaus der Stars” Cast: He’s Behind It

In her Instagram story, Antonia spoke again about the “summer house of the stars” because, according to her, she has received inquiries from a lot of followers. She reveals that talks with RTL did indeed take place, but Patrick and his involvement failed for some reason.

The 21-year-old initially said: “There was a brief discussion about whether or not we would be there. I don’t want to withhold it from you. So it was really brief about whether we would be attending.” However, it just didn’t happen and I think now you know why. When you see the new cast, it’s a totally different pairing than you’d expect.“Then Antonia is a little more specific:

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As a reminder: There were spitting attacks, wild insults, alcohol overdoses, and bullying at “Summer House” last year. Now the broadcaster wants to deactivate the format – possibly in view of youth TV scams such as “celebrities under the palm tree”, which tarnished the image of contestant Sat.1.

This is what Antonia thinks about RTL’s decision

Antonia suggested on Instagram that she would have liked to go to the “summer house of the stars”. Furthermore, she adds: “I must say, of course I’d be happy to be with Patrick in this format, it’s totally different from ‘the farmer is looking for a wife’.”

But apparently she’s not really disappointed. This is his personal conclusion on holistic development: “I think we may not have felt really comfortable there this year either. So everything is fine as it is now.”

However, the blonde leaves a back door open when it comes to future participation in reality shows, although there are certainly options for “summer house”. “There will definitely be something in the future where you can see us. Then I’ll let you know in good time,” promised Antonia fan Eventually.


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