After a boring “Bachelorette” season: The drama when we meet again

After a boring "Bachelorette" season: The drama when we meet again

For weeks, Bachelorette Maxime staggered back and forth in her search for the right one. Problem: The men she was interested in slowly left the show voluntarily. Everything looks very different after the shoot.

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seen wednesday evening RTL-See how the Bachelorette gave her last rose to the Viennese Raphael. The 23-year-old made it to the finals with consistency and patience. At the big reunion, the broadcast after Rose’s last night, in which The Bachelor and some of the participants reunite for the first time since filming, was once not the most exciting, even though the two were still a couple.

The Bachelorette and Raphael are not a couple yet

First of all: there are Raphael and Maxim Not really together yet. They see the whole thing more realistically than their predecessors, wanting to “take the pressure off” themselves and get to know each other better away from the first cameras. Speaking of off-cameras, a lot should have happened anyway, according to other participants in the coupling broadcast.

At least that is the allegation of former candidate Julian. 27-year-old Maxim was a favorite of Maxim for a long time, but did not behave like that behind his back. He regularly scolded his colleagues in the circles regarding bachelors. She is neither particularly intelligent nor exceptionally beautiful.

Julian: He voluntarily dropped out of “Die Bachelorette”. (Source: RTL)

She deserved the honesty, accused Maxim when he saw her again and Julian suddenly backed down, apologizing for his statements. He didn’t mean anything like that. But more important than his own misconduct, Hamburger seemed to be another “Bachelorette” candidate. She asked: “How about if you are finally honest, Leon and Maxim?” He asked.

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Secret agreement between Leon and Maxim?

Maxim was unaware. Allegation: Leon calls Maxim after writing a love letter. The 33-year-old was a bachelor’s favorite from the start and even got the first rose. But then he said goodbye to the show Maxim was not for her and she did not like the situation either.

Leon: He also left Maxime.  (Source: RTL)Leon: He also left Maxime. (Source: RTL)

He also returned to the show regretting his decision. And what about the alleged phone call? “I don’t want to comment on that,” Leon said. And the proverb? She categorically denies that such conversations took place. For Julian it is certain that Leon is lying. He had voice messages on his cell phone that would prove it, as Leon tells of a conversation. Leon, on the other hand, claims that Julian’s perception is distorted. The two men hiss repeatedly at each other, believing that they are telling each other untruths. The two were still best friends at a villa in Greece.

Incidentally, even when the season was being aired, there was speculation that Maxim might want to bring back one of his retired candidates for the semi-finals. It was believed to be about Leon.

In addition to the confusion, Julian also approached Maxim after the shooting. He also regretted his decision to leave the show voluntarily in retrospect. “Many of you wrote to me afterwards,” reveals The Bachelorette. However, she did not respond, wishing to wait for the reunion and is now meeting Rafael anyway.

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