“Let’s Dance”: Simon Zachenhuber is out

"Let's Dance": Simon Zachenhuber is out

There were only three left: another celebrity was chosen from the show on Friday evening. This time it hit professional boxer Simon Zachenhuber. The three finalists of this year’s season are determined as follows.

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In a row of eleven “let’s Dance“It was for Simon Zachenhuber, Valentina Pahde, Nicholas Pushman And Rurik Gislasson To go to the finals. All four celebrities had to perform three dances together with their professional, including improvidence.

Twice 30 points for Roerich

Rurik Gislason won most of the points on Friday evening. The professional footballer received full marks for his contemporaries and his Charleston. In addition, Icelander received much praise and praise from the jury members. George Gonzalez even went on to say: “It was the best Charleston for me on ‘Let’s Dance’.”

Things looked less succulent in Simon Zachenhuber. The professional boxer first performed a quick move, then a tango and later a salsa. He received the lowest marks from jurors for all three dances. The 22-year-old finished last with a total of 68 points.

Who will be “Dancing Star 2021”?

The audience has the final say. He could have saved the athlete from his call and sent him to the finals – but he did not do so. Instead, Simon Zachenhuber was chosen from the show. The three finalists are determined as follows: Valentina Pahde, Nicholas Puschman and Roerich Gislason.

Who will be “Dancing Star 2021” will be decided next week. RTL then shows the grand finale of “Let’s Dance”. The following week the professionals again compete against each other. Some of them will go on tour in the fall.

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