ARD heavily criticized after charity festival for flood victims – broadcaster’s response

ARD heavily criticized after charity festival for flood victims - broadcaster's response

16.5 million euros were collected in donations on Friday evening at the ARD special event “We Hold Together”. Image: WDR / Ben Nabe

“Shouldn’t a donation hotline at least be free?” – ARD receives criticism after fundraising gala

Flood disaster was the defining topic on ARD on Friday. To mark the occasion, the broadcaster included a benefit festival for the victims in its programme. Ingo Zamperoni and Sarah von Neuberg hosted the event in prime time.

While the moderators of “Tagesthemen” Perfume Interactions with those affected, led by assistants and experts, were mainly in Leipzig, to which Sarah von Neuberg was attached. Stars Like Herbert Gronmeier, Sarah Connor, Max Geisinger or Yvonne Catterfeld on stage.

Criticism of ARD Dan Parv on the net

Of course, most donations should be collected during the Feast. Celebrities like Nina Bott or Alexander Claus sat on the phone and answered calls for donations. However, what got some viewers skeptical: The phone number to be dialed was by no means a free number. Instead of a 0800 number, those wishing to donate had to dial an expensive 0180 number.

Calls from German landline networks were charged 6 cents per minute, up to 42 cents per minute from mobile networks. In the end, the charity raised 16.5 million euros.

Surprise at Chargeable Charity Hotline

The paid hotline was a thorn in some Twitter users. Criticism of ARD came out loud under the hashtag “#Wirhaltenzombination”:

ARD justifies chargeable hotline

When ARD’s direct Twitter post to Charity Gala criticized the Chargeable Hotline and asked where the fees would go, the broadcaster quickly responded and explained:

Image: screenshot

Feather Comment Another user also explained to ARD: “Free numbers run the risk of being misused and not reaching people who really want to donate.”

While some were annoyed by the extra costs, most of them probably had no problem with it. After all, a chargeable hotline at a charity gala isn’t necessarily uncommon. For example, “A Heart for Children” also charges a fee for a charity call.


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