Hep Kerkling at Vox: “I’m an Old Man and I’m Through My Retirement”

Hep Kerkling at Vox: "I'm an Old Man and I'm Through My Retirement"

Updated on December 6, 2021 at 11:26 pm

  • Hep Kerkling celebrates his return to the big show stage, with a grand evening of three hours on Vox.
  • Much time is reserved for cats, the subject of his heart.
  • But the audience and Dunja Hayali uncovered some secrets about her mythological parody of the 56-year-old.

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“I miss him too,” smiled Heap Kerkling In his first major live performance in ten years. The long-stunned comedian was greeted by the audience at the luxurious Hansa Theater in Hamburg. Vocal When a 56-year-old invites you to a three-hour “An Evening With Hep” is what happens with the cameras. Program: Reading, questions from the audience (“There’s no taboo!”), an interview with presenter Dunja Hayali—and singing by the man who shrugs a bit.

But it starts with a lot of cat stuff: The artist recently presented himself as a cat whispering, “Paws off the table! My cats, other cats and me”, of the love for all house cats. A written declaration that accompanies him so far in his life or is alternatively ignored.

Kerkling considers himself a “good cat dad”.

“Since Whiskey, a giant poodle we had to take care of, lashed out at me, I no longer have dogs with me,” Kerkling says, explaining the origins of his love for cats. With his Aunt Elfrid in mis-fitting blond synthetic hair wig he met his first animal friend, “Peterley”—a notorious tomcat “with more character than a pack of sled dogs”, enthuses Kerkling.

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He reads as he walks, runs through the passageway and tells how he once saved two of his animal companions, Samson and Spock, from a messy house in Wan-Eckel and when he was traveling by plane with his cats. So what illegal trick does he use, Keywords: Extra overweight cat-causing stuff. Kerkling: “I may be a bad person, but I’m a good cat dad to him.”

What was it like as Queen Beatrix at the time?

Then it’s time for the audience to ask: “Were you scared playing Queen Beatrix?” A woman wants to know. “No, but I would have been better,” Kerkling says. He strongly expected that his parody would be exposed and was himself surprised when he was admitted to the entrance of Bellevue Palace, where he asked for a “delicious lunch”.

Hep Kerkling had a lot of cat material during his evening on Vox.

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The comedian admitted that he worked on his cult man Horst Schlammer for two years. Role Model: Real local journalists from the province. Someone once held his Cartier watch in front of his nose and said: “You can’t stand it!” Of course, some cat friends also have a say: “Do cats have a sense of humor?” Safe! Another cat mom says she has a Scottish fold-eared cat in the house. Kerkling didn’t finish it: “You’re kidding me now! I can’t focus on anything anymore!”

Hep Kerkling “Peeed Himself”

The reporter, who is a friend of Kerkling, wanted to know why he had returned after his retirement in 2014. Dunja’s Dream KNOWN: “It used to be said: I was young and needed money. Now what?” Kerkling laughs: “I’m an old man now and I’m through my retirement!”

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He seriously reports that for a while he “annoyed himself” because he created too much and was almost omnipresent. “Breaks, including a hike on the way to St. James, landed him,” says Kerkling: “Travelling is a real relaxation for me, not an escape.” In the future, he wants to make sure his appearances are “well-planted.” ” Huh.

If heroic worship was less then more

Haylie wants to know if she has any regrets. Then Kerkling nods his head: “I approach my work with great compassion”, explains the 56-year-old, who still prefers to sing his Gaga hit “The Whole Life Is a Quiz”. Instead, at the Hansa Theatre, Kerkling performs “Believe in You”, a song in which he thanks his grandmother. At the end it appropriately says, albeit sung somewhat deviously: “When the curtain falls slowly”.

Conclusion: “An Evening With Hep” was a treat for real kerkling and cat fans. The event would have been better with less hero worship. Sometimes you thought you were a spectator at the “Lifetime Achievement Award” ceremony. Fortunately, Kerkling only takes himself half as seriously as his ardent fans: “Above all, as a comedian you shouldn’t overreact”, is his tip for the next generation. (NS)
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