Measurement error in “Celebrity Big Brother”? – TV viewers angry with Sat.1 – TV

Measurement error in "Celebrity Big Brother"?  - TV viewers angry with Sat.1 - TV

The First Big Verdict In “Celebrity Big Brother”!

On Thursday evening, the last occupants of TV Jail fought for a place in the final. But in the only match on the live show of all things, according to some viewers, all did not go well. It was precisely this game that influenced the final exit voting among residents.

Actor Danny Lidtke (31, “Cologne 50667”) had already won the Golden Ticket to the finals in a challenge in the previous broadcast, leaving five others to tremble.

Bowlerman queen Melanie Muller (33), player wife Ina Aogo (32), TV farmer Uwe Abel (51), model Papis Loveday (44) and kickboxer Mary Lang (34) can already smell the 100,000 euro prize money.

Ina Aogo was first voted for by TV viewers. When she was nominated, Melanie wrote against his kicker wife: “Because she needs the profit the least and has put the least amount of energy into the project.” Inna was welcomed by her husband Denise Aogo (34), who whispered in the ear about their loved one: “I knew you were coming. I expected it.”

Reunion: Ina and Denise AogoPhoto: Sat.1

The rest had to go to a match in the studio. The wire hanging from the helium balloon should disappear as quickly as possible up to a mark in the candidate’s mouth. Or as moderator Jochen Schropp (42) explained to singer Melanie Muller: “You have to eat the string without swallowing it.”

He did well with 27 seconds. However, his successors found it more difficult. Schropp said with a smile: “No one can beat Melanie’s tongue technique and slashing time.” But then the sins started. According to Fed-In, he also completed it in 27 seconds. After a brief confusion, Schropp declared: “If no one is better than you, you have to play.”

However, at the crucial moment, some noticed something different in front of the screen. Reportedly, dad was the second faster, it was scolded on Twitter. Duration: An obvious measurement error!

Meanwhile, at the studio, the game continued as planned. Papis and Melanie competed against each other in the jump-off. This time she was much faster than him.

Meanwhile, “Celebrity Big Brother” apparently revisited the recording and basically announced: Everything went well. There were already more strings in Melanie’s mouth.

But even this could not calm every onlooker. Because the voting app apparently didn’t work for a short while for some Twitter users. Thanks to her victory, Melanie got two votes instead of one when filling out the next exit list. So a clear advantage. He decided on Marie and Uwe.

In the end, the two actually landed on the hit list with a total of three votes (Uwe) and two votes (Mary) from residents. At the end of the day, the audience sent the kickboxer home.

Mary Lang happy with 5th place

Mary Lang happy with 5th placePhoto: Sat.1

This means Melanie, Danny, Papis and Uwe can expect 100,000 euros in the final.

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