“We should celebrate the fact that we no longer have a period”

"We should celebrate the fact that we no longer have a period"

Sophie von Wessex has gained a new patronage. During this, she talks openly about the menopause in an interview. She wants it to be better educated and is no longer taboo.

Out of Prince harry And Herzogin Meghan Countess Sophie and her husband took over Prince edward, The queen’s youngest son has more and more royal duties. On Friday, Mahal announced that 56-year-old Sophie was the new patron of the “women’s well-being” organization. Daughter-in-law in a video chat on the occasion Queen Elizabeth II. Now more openness on the subject of menopause.

Countess Sophie believes that the subject is still subjected to much stigma today. Furthermore, girls and young women will not be informed about this in a timely and comprehensive manner. “If we are told that our period is starting, are we also told that it will end one day?” Rais asks.

“It should be a release”

As a patron of the “women’s wellbeing” organization, Sophie wants to ensure that topics related to pregnancy, menstruation and menopause are no longer viewed as taboo. The aim is to “make the discussion public and not turn it into a conversation that people have to do behind closed doors”.

In any case, the mother of two teenagers does not understand why Menopause Such negative connotations. “In fact, we should celebrate the fact that we’re out of period instead,” Sophie says. She adds, “It should be a release, but it feels like a bond.”

Despite this statement, she also states that during the menopause she had to cope with symptoms she did not expect. She was very distracted and forgetful. But it is completely normal, it is important to inform women in advance.

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