Basket to candidate “Bauer such Frau”: “Why are you ordering me around?”

Basket to candidate "Bauer such Frau": "Why are you ordering me around?"

“Bauer Sucht Frau International”: Nicola Farmer is the new woman in Nico’s farm. Image: TVNOW

Herber Baskett for “Bauer Such Frau” Candidate: “Why are you ordering me around?”

for two women Germany This was perhaps a big and above all an unpleasant surprise. In the previous episode “Bauer Sucht Frau Internationale”, a third woman came to visit us. Nicola, a Costa Rican expat, revealed only at the last second that interpreter Nicola would arrive a little late. Enough was enough for Karin, she packed her things and left. So it was Tirza and Nikola who fought on the side of the peasant.

And Tirza, who really thought she was in a good position, was deeply disappointed. Because soon there was no Nicola, whom Nico had already met while filming on his farm, was written in comparison to the 43-year-old German. Nico preferred to devote himself entirely to the new woman – and nothing changed in the new episode.

The boat trip ends with a decision

All three of them wanted to take a boat trip, but on the way it became clear who was Nico’s number one at this time. Because when Nikola took a seat on the passenger seat, Tirja had to be content with the back seat. It didn’t get any better on the boat either. While Niko, without thinking twice, chose the place next to Nikola, Tirja was dropped again.

Nico said, “I sat down with Nicola because I would like to get to know her a little better. I think she is very sweet and I must say that Nicola is a charm.”

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The bad mood, of course, was not hidden from Nikola. “Is it hard to compensate somehow? There doesn’t seem to be much you can do about it. Down like that dead energy. just a little tiring”, she said in a personal interview.

Tirza gets a nasty reprimand

At some point Tirja had had enough and sat down on the narrow boat bench next to Nico and Nicola, clearly annoyed and in a bad mood. After all, even Nico didn’t leave him in a bad mood. “That now I’m turning to Nikola was a little uncomfortable for him.”He analyzed the situation.

Tirja traveled back to Germany. Image: TVNow

But Tirja does not give up, demanding that Niko be both. Woman bar in hand. But he might have found that too shameless. “Why are you ordering me around? Let it come in order,” he just shrugged it off. After that the mood got very bad. “Can I jump off the boat?” Nikola asked.

Tirza, on the other hand, doesn’t want to dwell on any bad vibes but instead insists that she just enjoyed the beautiful view and nature. “I found it comfortable,” Tirza said. After all, you don’t always have to talk…

Farmer Niko serves the candidate

After this excursion, however, it seems clear to the expatriate that things may not go on like this. “I have to admit that it’s going to be a little difficult to focus on the two. I think this would be a good moment to make up my mind.”, he felt and after returning to his finca was already looking for a frank conversation:

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He hopes that they can remain good friends. But judging by Tirza’s reaction—she simply remained motionless and then frowned during a hug—it’s hard to imagine.

“It didn’t work in Tirza because I didn’t feel the spark I needed. And then I don’t need to go any further. i trust my instincts“Fruit and Vegetable Farmer declared.

“Bauer Such Frau” Candidate Feels Pressure

While Nikola was certainly happy, Tirza was clearly disappointed and angry as well.. “You don’t have to dump a friend, whether it’s a man or a woman, in two sentences”, He made a sound. That’s why she wanted “more character”.

As for Nicola and Nico, they both continued afterward. She even helped him with beekeeping – without fear of any contact. But later, while having a honey breakfast, everything went too fast for him. When he wanted to feed her honey, he immediately took the spoon from her. “Nico is generally very attractive and I think that’s part of his way too. But in reality I feel a little sharp or I feel a little pressured, probably because I know I’m the last candidate now.” “, says Nicola. She really likes him, but “he was a bit over with the spoon,” she admitted.

At least Nico heeded his signals and turned down a gear. Still, he is convinced: “We already have a chemistry. However, it remains to be seen whether the two will become more.


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