WWE Monday Night Raw #1469 Results + Reports from Tampa, Florida, USA from 07/19/2021 (Including Video and Voting: Your Vote Required!)

WWE Monday Night Raw #1469 Results + Reports from Tampa, Florida, USA from 07/19/2021 (Including Video and Voting: Your Vote Required!)

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WWE Monday Night Raw #1469
Ort: American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, USA
First broadcast: July 19, 2021

So is “Money in the Bank” history and an eventful show including the return of John Cena! The latter also opens today’s version. During the SmackDown episode a week ago, we also celebrated the return of fans to the show. Cena welcomed the audience into the hall and received a warm welcome. After the warm greeting, the question arises, why is he there again? The simple answer is fans and a certain Roman Reigns. John is on the hunt and wants to win the Universal Championship. Fortunately, soon there will be a certain event called “SummerSlam”. Cena challenged the regime for two reasons. First, track number 17 should be here and second, “Reigns is an A**hole”. It’s time for someone to bring the “Tribal Chief” back down to earth and for him to “Dr. Thuganomics”. With the announcement that it will also appear on SmackDown, everything is ready for Raw output. Riddle’s music will also play. He jumps into the ring and greets the 16-time WWE Champion with a very long and intense “BRO”. The first match of the evening begins after the break.

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley successfully defended his title against Kofi Kingston last year. Tonight is an “Open Challenge” from “All Mighty”. Also, Charlotte Flair celebrated her title win at the “Championship Coronation”.

1. Match
6 man tag team match
The Viking Raiders (Eric & Ivar) and Riddle defeated John Morrison and Raw Tag Team Champions AJ Styles & Omos (w/ The Miz) after the Viking Experience pinned Morrison by Eric.
Match Time: 12:05

Three weeks earlier there was a “strap match” between Jackson Riker and Elias, which Raiker won. An intense Raikar now looks at the camera and promises an even bigger beating for Elias after the commercial break.

Elias is already in the ring and ready to perform the music. However, he is very quickly interrupted by Riker. He doesn’t want to wait any longer and defeats Elias with some equipment.

2. Match
symphony of destruction match
Jackson Riker won against Elias via pin after a superplex through Table Two.
Match Time: 12:45

Adam Pierce, Sonya Deville and Mansoor discussed Mansoor’s plan with Mustafa Ali in a tag team match backstage. Ali now arrives and does not immediately agree to the plan. However, Ali lets himself go and accepts this unique partnership. Suddenly Sheamus appears and he can hardly believe that he has to face Humberto Carrillo again today, even though the Irishman defeated him only last week. Deville and Pearce refused to listen to excuses and later demanded a fair match from Sheamus.

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Music from New Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. “Queen” makes her way to the ring and grabs a microphone. Charlotte says she is very proud to be standing in front of fans as a champion. After all, we’ve all waited too long to see him again with that title. Charlotte talks about Ripley and says she never got a chance. Although you can learn a few dirty tricks from “The Queen,” none come close to the original in the end. Charlotte even said that she can beat Rhea Ripley anytime, anywhere. Ripley heard a lot about the queen and came out. She doesn’t look very happy and immediately poses a challenge. After all, Charlotte can beat him anytime. Flair has absolutely no interest and refuses. Adam Pierce and Sonya Deville interrupt “Coronation”. They both find the idea of ​​a championship match tempting and are now making it official! Charlotte Flair will defend her Raw Women’s Championship against Rhea Ripley. The latter is overjoyed by this announcement and looks at Pearce and the Devil with satisfaction. Flair takes advantage of this fact with an attack on Ripley’s knee. Charlotte then leaves the ring and looks at her work with satisfaction. Riya seems to be having some trouble getting up, but the match is fixed.

We take a look at some of the highlights of the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

A new version of “Alexus Playground” will arrive later in the evening. Bliss promises us a very special guest.

3. Match
(Non-Title) Tag Team Match
WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Natalya and Tamina win against Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax (w/ Reginald) after a super kick by Tamina by Pin to Baszler.
Match Time: 03:45

After the match, Baszler made his displeasure clear to Reginald and reminded Jacques of the time without “Regi”. Both were unstoppable and dominated the tag team division. Jacques hugs Reginald and wants to console him. But suddenly Nia grabs Reginald and hits him on the head! Bazler and Jacques then hug each other and leave a sad Reginald lying on the floor. Suddenly 24/7 Champion Akira Tozawa runs into the ring. He is followed by all the superstars. In the ring, however, a nimble Reginald awaits him, who pins Tozawa and wins the title! -> title change‼ Reginald is overjoyed. But he is aware of the dangers of the 24/7 Championship. The other Superstars want to attack the new Champion immediately, but Reginald uses the ring ladder to jump over the Superstar’s pile and defend himself first.

BREAKING NEWS: NXT Champion Karian Cross will make her Monday Night Raw debut tonight!

4. Match
(non-title) singles match
United States Champion Sheamus won against Humberto Carrillo via pin after a brogue kick.
Match Time: 10:14
-Damien Priest watched the match backstage.

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We catch glimpses of the WWE Champion’s impressive performance in “Money in the Bank”. Tonight “All Mighty” will have an “open challenge”.

Bobby Lashley’s music is playing and it’s time for the Open Challenge. Lashley grabs a microphone and reminds us of the destruction of Kofi Kingston last night. MVP “All Mighty” also underlines the WWE Champion’s strong performance. There has been a lot of distraction over the past few weeks and rumors cannot be dismissed that Lashley had “softened up”. However, MVP acknowledges that it has most to blame. So it must be said that these parties, ladies and champagne are a thing of the past. No one on this roster has been able to beat “All Mighty” and Lashley will hold onto that title for a very long time. It’s time for today’s opponents. Who wants to accept the Open Challenge? Suddenly Keith Lee’s music starts playing! It hasn’t been seen on Raw for a long time and comes out with great enthusiasm to face the WWE Champion. Lashley looks shocked but still motivated and focused, while Lee confidently walks into the ring. After the intervening, there will be a fight between the two superstars.

5. Match
(non-title) singles match
WWE Champion Bobby Lashley won with a pin after a spear against Keith Lee.
Match Time: 05:50

After the match, Bobby Lashley celebrated another impressive performance. But today there is no end to the surprises. Goldberg’s music can be heard! The fans in the hall are furious and now the WWE Champion also seems a bit impressed. Goldberg enters the ring and Lashley gets an intense star down. We’ve probably found the next challenger to “All Mighty.”

After the interruption, Kevin seeks an opinion from Patrick Lashley. The MVP takes the answer and hates the disrespect for Goldberg. Therefore, both will not appreciate this answer.

Jinder Mahal, Shanky and Veer are in the ring. The palace has a microphone and a reason to celebrate. It is his birthday and he is celebrating it with some videos. We see highlights from the past few weeks of this feud and the destruction of the palace’s beautiful motorcade. But Karma hit McIntyre last night. In the leader match, Shanky, Veer and Mahal attack Scott and give him a chance at the coveted suitcase. After this, however, Jinder Mahal’s birthday is to be celebrated. Shanky will serenade on this. Deposit is quickly harassed by Drew McIntyre. It beats the singer with a line and thread from a chair. Mahal and Weir are able to get to safety and watch as Scott brings another chair into the ring and continues to hit Shanky. The audience in the hall counts the hits and stops at 20 hits! Drew then looks in the direction of Mahal and the segment ends with McIntyre angry.

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We watch a video that highlights NXT Champion Karian Cross. Then the music of the cross can be heard. It makes its way to the ring without Scarlett.

6. Match
(non-title) singles match
Jeff Hardy won against NXT Champion Carrion Cross via pin after Scooter.
Match Time: 01:41
-Hardy’s both feet were on the pins on the ring ropes.

So Cross lost his first match on Raw. After the match, Kevin Patrick walks into the ring and wants to know how Cross feels after the loss. Cross underlines the fact that Hardy has just made the biggest mistake of his life.

It’s time for “Alexa’s Playground”. Alexa welcomes us to a very special edition and introduces us to a special guest: Lily! In her last appearance, Lily caused a lot of problems and therefore needed a break. But now she is back and both will have a lot of fun. However, Eva Marie and the dewdrops interrupt the playing field. While Alexa and Dewdrop greet each other in a friendly way, Bliss and Mary don’t really like each other. Alexa indicates that Eva cannot cope on her own and that she cannot win a match without dewdrops. Mary no longer wants to hear the whole thing and disappears again with Dewdrop. On the way, Eva stumbles and falls to the ground in front of Lily. With a bad laugh from Alexa, the two women disappear and the segment ends.

Next week the Viking Raiders will have another chance to win the Raw Tag Team Championship. You will meet AJ Styles and Omos.

7. Match
Raw Women’s Championship
singles match
Rhea Ripley won via disqualification against Charlotte Flair (c) after Flair hit Ripley with a belt.
Match Time: 12:25

After the match, Charlotte can be persuaded, but is attacked by Ripley. A brawl breaks out and Nikki Aish’s music can be heard! The newly minted Ms. Money in the Bank deposits cash in her suitcase! We’re having another Raw Women’s Championship match!

8. Match
Raw Women’s Championship
singles match
Nikki Ash wins via pin after flying crossbody against Charlotte Flair (c). -> title change‼
Match Time: 00:11

Also we have a new Raw Women’s Champion. Nikki Ashe successfully redeems her suitcase and crowns herself champion. This means that there is still a 100% quota for women in suitcases. Nikki celebrates with fans who can hardly believe it, and with these photos goes today’s off-air version of Raw.


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