‘Bachelorette’ star Melissa confirms split

'Bachelorette' star Melissa confirms split

Many had doubted it, but never confirmed it. Melissa Damilia and Leander Sacher were the “Bachelorette” couple. Following the rumors of a 2020 separation, the affected man commented on her relationship status for the first time.

They went away together”Bachelorette“Season 2020: Melissa Damilia In the final, Leander Sachar was chosen as the Rose Lady. At first, the two seemed completely happy with each other, presenting themselves online as the new dome show Dream Couple. However, there are all signs of a breakup since a few months.

“Come as it should be”

Their fans never enlightened the two, only reporting on social media with cryptic words. But now the influencer broke his silence: “We are no longer a couple, but everything goes as it should,” she insists in an interview with “VIPstagram”. She is a happy single and is using the time to focus completely on herself. However, she still does not reveal any further details about the background of the separation.

“When you saw that, there was always something in quick succession and I think now you have to use the time for yourself, to really come back and enjoy the whole thing,” she simply continues. She is not thinking of a new partner right now. “It will come on at some point and then fit.” Moreover, everything is still “fresh” for him.

Melissa DeMilia has moved

Apart from the isolation, the 26-year-old also fled the city. “I was actually always a village kid and I was always drawn to the city because you always spend a lot of time there.” But a year later the dog’s owner realized that this life was not for him. “Everything is always associated with stress,” says the reality TV celebrity, who describes herself as “often not stress-resistant.”

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However, she doesn’t want to give up her presence in public – even though she is actually an introvert and shy person. “In my job, I can be who I really am not,” she says. Still, she could envision building something far away. His big dream is to open a restaurant.

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