Sat.1 Fee for Dan Parv? Sarah Harrison Comments

Sat.1 Fee for Dan Parv?  Sarah Harrison Comments

Sarah Harrison accepts donations for victims of the flood disaster at “Germany Helps. Sat.1 Charity Feast”. Image: screenshot

Fee for performance? Influencer couple justifies themselves after attending donation gala

In the last few days, there is a lot of discussion on social media about the flood disaster. Many effect Donations and calls for help. Some people themselves went to the flood affected areas for help. Oliver Pocher His latest screen controls were harshly criticized by some, as some took advantage of the disaster in his eyes mainly for quick likes and attention. Or went straight to the agenda after the same appeal for donations.

They also had Harrison and Iris Klein on Keecker or Michael Wendler, who used the disaster to spread crude climate claims via Telegram. But on Saturday evening at the Sat.1 charity feast, out of everyone, Sarah and Dominic Harrison and the Poachers met. Because both the couple were sitting on the donation phone to support the charity campaign.

Oliver and Amira Poacher meet Harrison

However, Pochar explained in his Instagram Story during the evening that Harrison clearly did not want to meet Amira and her. “Given a clear message to the team and extremely shameful behavior behind the scenes”He wrote on

Image: screenshot

Neither Sarah nor Dominic Harrison responded to the claims, but clarified another question about the fundraising gala in their Insta story.

Sat.1 Gaga for Dan Feast? Sarah Harrison explains

Because, as Sarah reports, she has now been asked several times whether she and Dominic had donated themselves or even charged Sat.1 for their work. Influencers wanted to make this clear.

“No, we didn’t get any fees and of course we donated too – several thousand euros. Today, however, we are already doing the past few days., explained to the Dubai expat, before husband Dominic interrupted her with the words “you really don’t need to say much about it”.

Sarah wanted to add one more thing: Everyone should look for themselves to see how and if they can help and support.


Katja Burkard apologizes after a mistake on TV – audience criticism continues

Last week, “Punkt 12” presenter Katja Burkard drew a lot of criticism because she used a racist word during a moderation on the show: in a conversation with Oksana Kolenichenko from “Goodbye Germany” on Thursday, she described several of the moves. Woman as “Gypsy Life”. This is only possible with young children, and no longer with older children.

On Friday, the presenter apologized to Instagram after the expression …

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