Sparksay changes online banking: customers get a new function

Sparksay changes online banking: customers get a new function

SPARKS will provide new online banking in 2022. This is having a big impact on the customers.

Germany – If you work at the computer a lot, you probably also use this opportunity to make transfers and check your account balance via your laptop or smartphone. A change is currently waiting for Sparkasse customers. It is already available in some cities in Germany.

financial group savings Bank
customers about 50 million
number of credit institutions 376

Changes in SPARKS scheme: Online banking for customers soon

It is becoming increasingly rare for many people to go to ATMs for transfers or the like. Especially in home office hours, using tech tools to take care of and check finances is a relief—at least that’s what you think.

However, Sparksey sees a need for improvement and is responding. After the expiry of some EC cards in Sparkasse, the portal for Online Banking is now affected.

But it should be done for the benefit of the customers and it should be even easier to use in future as per various media reports. Those who control their finances and send money through an app or browser will soon be able to rearrange their own accounts stored in online banking using the so-called “drag and drop” function. And it doesn’t just apply to deposits in Sparkasse (further digital news on RUHR24).

Prevent fraud: Sparkasse online banking gets a new function for customers

according to information chip.d Soon it will be possible to link online accounts belonging to other banks as well. It gives you a complete overview of your finances.

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All account activities at a glance are also available in the new transaction list. For an even better overview, sales are sorted by date and the dealer logo is placed on the side. For example, in Sparkasse it is easy to identify and report fraud.

SparkSay is changing online banking – which customers can already use to service

To protect oneself from criminals, there are various TAN methods for identification. However, Sparkasse customers will have to say goodbye to one event in the future. Because the option to send you the code by SMS should disappear in 2022.

On the other hand, it is a matter of pleasure that some Customers can use Sparkasse’s Converged Online Banking* capable. according to the data of chip.d Customers from Hanover, Taunus and Hanau are included. wed*, on the other hand, mentions Düsseldorf, Paderborn, Bremen and Nuremberg in addition to the state capital of Lower Saxony.

Customers at some Sparkasse branches will be able to make transfers more easily at home in the future.

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According to the news portal, the new online banking should be available in other regions of Germany “during 2022”. Customers belonging to any of the branches listed can first test the changes in the demo version and then register for the new system.

Standing Orders in Sparkasse: New Online Banking to Speed ​​up Transfers

Then SparkSE customers can wait for less complicated transfers. Simplified controls should ensure that standing orders for digital transfer of funds are listed directly on the relevant interface. This is to avoid unnecessary clicks and save time. ,mercur.d RUHR24 is part of the editorial network of,

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