Dagmar Berghoff: I’m scared of the electricity bill. Entertainment

Dagmar Berghoff: I'm scared of the electricity bill.  Entertainment

Ex- “Miss Tageschau” Dagmar Berghof (79) ,

“I’m scared of the electricity bill”

You are like many German pensioners…

Former “Miss Tageschau” Dagmar Berghoff (79) looks worried about the future. “I’m scared of the electricity bill coming soon,” the TV veteran tells BILD. “Even when shopping, I pay close attention to prices.”

You have a pension and receive contributions from the Company Fund for Freelance Television Employees. Also, “a small pension” from her late husband Peter Mathes († 67). “I can manage.” Big jump is not possible.

From 1976 to 1999, Berghoff was a newsreader for the ARD “Tageschau”.

Photo: Action Press

Berghoff: “If I’m really in the mood for salmon, I can afford it. I use cheaper brands when shopping. Everything has gotten too expensive. In no time, it’s 100 at checkout.” The euro is there, even though there’s hardly anything in the shopping cart.”

They also save at home. “For the past week, I have only turned on three of my six radiators. Fearing higher bills, I limit myself to heating as much as I do shopping.”

Dadel-Dagmar: Berghoff

Dadel-Dagmar: Berghoff is a fan of computer strategy games such as “Bubbles” and “Jewel Master”.

Photo: Andreas Costanzo

But Berghoff knows she’s doing better than many other pensioners. “I’m sorry to all those who are having problems right now.” Society should do something about it.

Because: “It should not happen that old people are cold or hungry in their homes.”

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