Elif Dismisses Farid Bang After Relationship Drama: “Farid Has A Little One”

Elif Dismisses Farid Bang After Relationship Drama: "Farid Has A Little One"

As everyone has seen, Farid Bang and singer Elif have been together for the past few days. You can’t see pictures of both from Bodrum. However, the musicians met not only for personal pleasure in Turkey. Mainly it was about the realization of a joint project.

Anyone who has heard Farid Bang’s album must have already guessed why they were on the road. The song “Money” on Banger’s new album is currently playing on the roof. Its song structure in particular makes it very unique, as it is based on three different beats with three different hooks.

Especially the hooked last part of Elif left the audience goosebumps. For this reason, Farid announced with Elif to expand the part to a full track and bring it as a single. In Turkey, he probably worked on the music video for it.


And as you know from them, they have a lot of fun at work too. They are currently making fun of their fans by giving a small show and playing a relationship drama. Recently Elif appeared with a fake pregnancy bump. Now that Farid Bang flew to Ibiza overnight, the singer explains that the rapper broke her heart:

“Farid Bang, I really thought you were different. How can you deal with such a person. You wanted us to make it public. And I trusted him. You are all in one. #heartbroken #can not believe

A little later, Elif’s next attack against Farid follows – in the form of bars! The 28-year-old can not only sing excellently but can also write dis-lines. In her story she rolls a few lines up her sleeve against Banger. There’s no more enjoyable way to make a music video promo!

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