Stephanie McMahon & Triple H Want to Keep Sasha Banks & Naomi – Is Finn Balor Getting a Big Push Now? – Triple H’s handwriting is probably only clearly recognizable after “Clash at the Castle”.

Stephanie McMahon & Triple H Want to Keep Sasha Banks & Naomi - Is Finn Balor Getting a Big Push Now?  - Triple H's handwriting is probably only clearly recognizable after "Clash at the Castle".

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– Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are said to be working to sort out personal details of Sasha Banks and Naomi. That’s why you want to bring both women back on the show. They haven’t been fired yet, and now that Vince McMahon is no longer in charge, Sasha and Naomi look to return under a new ‘regime’. Triple H and Stephanie are said to be very committed to bringing her back and trying to normalize ties with the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. According to Slice Wrestling, it is being said that initial talks have taken place between the two sides. Sasha and Naomi are expected to closely monitor the current developments and make a decision soon. For Hunter, Sasha Banks was always a cornerstone of the old NXT and he wants to see her as a female Shawn Michaels. In such a situation, he would like to give her an important role again. There is also a feeling within the company that under Vince McMahon, Sasha never got the recognition she deserved.

– Another WWE Superstar who should benefit from the changes in WWE is Finn Balor. Vince McMahon never saw the Irishman as a star to push for because of his height and accent like Roman Reigns or Drew McIntyre. Because of this, Balor was never able to advance past midcard. Triple H should be looking at it very differently, for him, Balor is one of the stars he wants to push into the main event and action for the WWE Universal Championship. Along with Sasha Banks, HHH’s Finn Balor was one of the talents who helped propel NXT. Initial thoughts are probably going to bring back the “Demon King” in the near future. Hunter is said to be a big fan of gimmicks and sees a lot of marketing potential in “Demon King”.

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– By the way, the script for the current “Monday Night Raw” issue was already completed before Vince McMahon’s resignation and now approved by the former president. Some details have changed since Friday. So the show gives little or no information about what will change in the short term. WrestleVotes also reports that the SummerSlam PPV will be the first show that will actually bear the signing of Triple H. It is said that Hunter wants to portray the show accordingly, but of course only if it really makes sense in the context of the ongoing story. But first, the stories started by Vince McMahon will end. Triple H is said to have already started revising some of the characters and stories, but it will take some time. Only after September’s Clash at Castle PPV will we really see where the storyline will go next.

Source: Fightful Select, Slice Wrestling

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