Celebrity Big Brother: Shocking confession of love made on TV! “How could you not fall in love with this woman”

Celebrity Big Brother: Shocking Confessions of Love!  "How could you not fall in love with him"

Paco Steinbeck meets Dream Woman Janine Pink in “Celebrity Big Brother”.

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Paco Steinbeck had a date with Janine Pink, the dream woman in the “Celebrity Big Brother” container. In the final show, he expressed his love for her in front of the camera.

Cologne – Looking for super dealer Pako Steinbeck “promi big brother“A queen. Looks like she’s really found it now. Because even before the 46-year-old went into the TV container she said a former candidate did it to her: Janine Pink, resident and seventh in 2019″ Big Brother” season winner. Even after going on a date with his dream woman during the show in a mila container after Sat.1, it seemed that Cupid’s arrow might have really hit him afterwards. Final Show In the U.S., he has now opened up more about his feelings for Janine.

Celebrity Big Brother 2021: Shocking confession of love in a live show

Although Paco Steinbeck landed on the wrong reality show—after all, the space door sign didn’t say “The Bachelor”—and on the wrong season, he’s clearly achieved his goal of finding his queen on TV. On Friday evening (August 27), he chatted with moderator Marlene Luffen about his time in space at the studio, where he was a guest along with all the other candidates who had already had to drop the container. Of course, he then also talked about his dream woman, who was also sitting among the audience. A surprising confession of love immediately followed.

Because Paco was still excited about Janine Pink, who was briefly allowed to rise from her place in the audience and was greeted with applause. The Super Dealer made no big secret of his feelings for the former “Big Brother” winner and revealed his affection for the 34-year-old by asking everyone: “How can you not fall in love with this woman?”

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Celebrity Big Brother: Beginning of a love story? Paco Steinbeck meets Janine Pink

This prompted celebrity collaborator and former roommate Jörg Dreger to do the same, and he, too, greeted his wife Petra with applause. “How can you not fall in love with this woman,” he repeated his confession of love for his wife. When he appeared on the “Late Night Show” after being kicked out of the container, he already revealed that he had fallen in love with his wife again while he was doing “Celebrity Big Brother”. When it comes to love things are going well with Paco Steinbeck and Jörg Dreger, Danny Buchner distracting her from his past delusions of love with lies while participating in the TV show. (JBR)

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