weeping stars for dead companions

weeping stars for dead companions

The revival of “RTL Saturday Night” was consistently reassuring.Image: RTL / Willie Weber

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It could have been embarrassing. But it was not so. opposite of this. After “RTL Saturday Night – The Big Reunion” you can – as a fan of offbeat humor, quirky and subversive jokes, sometimes seemingly meaningless over-the-top nonsense; So as a fan of the famous first major comedy series in German TV (1993-1998) – Only Hope listener Hugo Egon Balder can’t hold on to his last words.

Balder, producer of the comedy series with Jackie Drexler, sang at the end of the reunion: “It’s been almost 30 years since ‘RTL Saturday Night.’ All the organs are hurt. But, no matter what, in 30 years we will see each other again here.,

Hope it works fast. Maybe even with a serial reunion? The potential is there.

“We’ll bring back the frames too, doesn’t matter now”

At the time, Balder was doing the show Tutti Frutti, a bare-breasted fruit (1990–1993). “By the way” they discovered bullshit young artists: Esther Schwens, Tanja Schumann, Stefan Jürgens, Wiggled Boning, Ollie Dietrich and Mirko Notshev and made them their regular cast for “RTL Saturday Night”. Tommy Krapweiss joined the chaotic comedy troupe in 1995, joining Mark Weigel only one more season before the show closed in 1997.

Of course, reunification is a double-edged sword. You know that from your own class reunion. Torsten Stratter already mentioned in the opening speech that the wave of nostalgia that is currently swirling around is also washing away unnecessary “dead broadcasts”. But, according to Stratter, either “somebody at RTL thought” ‘We will also bring back the frames, it doesn’t matter now’Or that person had a brilliant idea.

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A New Hit For “Die Doofen”?

Balder and his core team of comedians have done everything to make sure this isn’t an emotional, embarrassing review of their own highlights. That’s a good thing, because by shooting a new sequel to the classic skit, the crew breathed new life into the awkward sections of the time Life One. Cult actively reloaded.

There was “News from the Spoke” (Oli Dietrich: “Bayern Chicken Lives a Table Parakeet”), and with Wiggled Boning, Dietrich presented the new hit from “Die Doofen”. “Crocodile in Autumn” (“Colder Temperatures, But Unfortunately Stupid”) presented the congenial pair in top form. Even so, it probably wouldn’t reach number one on the charts like “Miff (Take Me Still If I Stink)” was given in 1995.

to keep "silly" (Wigold Bonning and Ollie Dietrich) and "RTL Saturday Night" Earning a new hit?

Do “Die Doofen” (Wigold Bonning and Ollie Dietrich) and “RTL Saturday Night” have what it takes to become a new hit?Image: RTL / Willie Weber

And of course there was “Two Chairs, One Opinion,” in which Dietrich played aged (and just released from prison) neighborhood king Mike Hansen. Including hearing aids and newbies (pottery).

Can I send you tight? But Latin! In a brand new episode of “Kentucky Screams Bullshit” with Jurgens and Schumann, Gekkentast Dietrich en der Bheke tackles the shitty spelling and knew that overly noodle cheeks were professionally referred to as “fen al porno.” Long live cross-letter bookkeeping!

There was “life after RTL Saturday night” for all

The team managed to strike the right balance between the iconic then and now. There were outtakes from behind to praise, all allowed to briefly outline what “life after RTL Saturday Night” looked like for them. And lo and behold, according to Balder: “Despite ‘RTL Saturday Night,’ you can still become something.”

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Comic guests from the past, who received a springboard on the “RTL Saturday Night” stage, returned. Etze Schröder, whose laugh sounded just as familiar as his wig, a grateful Ingo Appelt (“There’s never a dirty Appelt without ‘RTL Saturday Night'”) and—a highlight—Markus Maria Profitlich gratefully returns to the old workplace. Came back ,

Profit, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2017, laughed at his illness (“What’s the name of the favorite device for Parkinson’s patients? Zero, of course!”). The new generation of comedy represented Tahni (“A great honor for me!”). She was one year old when “RTL Saturday Night” premiered on November 6, 1993.

Touching up: Marcus Maria Profitlich jokes about his Parkinson's disease.

Touching up: Marcus Maria Profitlich jokes about his Parkinson’s disease.Image: RTL / Willie Weber

Mirco Nontschew is dead – but already immortal

After: Wigald Bonings report good About breeding umbrellas. This time he described how the baby umbrella from the past (“they call him a tot”) performed: it has grown into a plush umbrella! But unfortunately he is mistreated in the beer garden. Boning briefly frees her from her solid stand prison and frees her.

Not there, but omnipresent: Esther Schwens and Stefan Jurgens pay tribute to their deceased colleague Mirko Notshev.

Not there, but omnipresent: Esther Schwens and Stefan Jurgens pay tribute to their deceased colleague Mirko Notshev.Image: RTL / Willie Weber

The second half of the first hour cannot be returned. Mirko Knotschew (Balder: “probably the brightest of them all”) died in 2021, just days after the meeting decided to show the reunion. Nonachev was not there, but was omnipresent. In the end not only laughed with joy, but also cried sadly.

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Florian Silberesen on Saturday evening “The Big Hit Anniversary 2022 – To the Next 100!” was on the show. Surprised by singer Nena. He didn’t know she was an appearance on the show. The audience didn’t even know, even though there were repeated hints during the recording as to who it might be. He was very happy when she suddenly came. Around 10 p.m., the “99 Luftballons” interpreter finally entered the stage.

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