“Let’s Dance” star confesses to spicy relationship

"Let's Dance" star confesses to spicy relationship

Luca Haney and Christina Luft “My Husband Can” show how well they reconcile as a couple.Image: Sat.1

On 25 July, the new version of “Main Mana Kann” went to the next round on Sat.1. Beginning this time as celebrity couples: Albert Fortel and Barbara Vuso, Luca Haney and Christina Luft, Dominic Stuckman and Anna Rosso as well as Ross Antony and Paul Reeves.

Various challenges were re-framed and the candidates had to properly assess the capabilities of their respective partners. In the meantime, of course, there were always conversations with Daniel Boschman and many relationship secrets revealed.

“Let’s Dance” professional Christina Luft doesn’t back down with a spicy revelation about her fiancé Luca Haney The singer could not believe that she had actually spilled the beans.

“Let’s Dance” Star With Undergarments Confession

At one point in the show, the issue of cleanliness came up, and it was revealed that former “Bachelor” contestants Anna and Christina had the same problem at home: their men Are very sloppy and can do more housework.

In the end it was only enough for Luca Haney and Christina Luft for third place on the show.

In the end it was only enough for Luca Haney and Christina Luft for third place on the show.Image: Willie Weber/Sat.1

The “Let’s Dance” dancer complains about her partner, “Has a sock, has breeches,” the dancer complained about her partner, whom she once met and loved on an RTL show. She did all the laundry work herself. Apparently Luca Haney is sometimes too lazy to put on anything on a casual evening. Christina further revealed:

The 32-year-old couldn’t help laughing, While Luca Haney looked stunned and restless in his box. Although he did not oppose it…

The future plans of the two are unlikely to be shaken by the TV moment: Christina will soon be with Luca Switzerland To make a picture. When asked by Boschman about the long distance relationship, she joked, “So far it’s going great, I just hope it stays that way when we’re in the same place.”

Christina Luft and Luca Haney: Conquerors of Hearts

In “My Husband Can”, Christina and Luca collected more sympathy points, but only finished third. For example, one fan said on Instagram: “These two did a great job and really deserved 2000 poker things for their cuteness.” And yet: Ross and Paul win against Dominic and Anna in the final of “My Husband Can.”

By the way, there is a topic that Christina Luft is currently not very interested in. fun Understands: Pregnancy rumours. It is precisely this that does not want to collapse, especially since the wedding of the couple is imminent. Just a few days ago, the dancer’s collar exploded when a follower simply said “pregnant” in the answer box instagram Wrote: “Seriously? So many again… when will you finally check that you don’t text a woman, idiots?”, she enraged.


“The Big Hit Comeback 2022” with Florian Silberesen at least partially lived up to its title on the evening of 23 July – Nena, among others, returned to the limelight last year after being stirred up with statements about the coronavirus pandemic. Came and finally went away withdrew from the public.

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