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Honours: Bruno H. Bergel Award for Uwe Recherty

We remember events that happened many years ago, we have facts from different fields of knowledge and can recall an extensive foreign language vocabulary. At the same time, everyone is probably familiar with unpleasant memory errors: we forget a certain appointment, we do not need the name or password of a loose acquaintance that we have entered correctly several times. These strengths and weaknesses in our memory are closely linked to the knowledge we have about our own learning and remembering. So if you measure your memory limits correctly, you can prevent unpleasant situations by using assistive devices like shopping lists, notes or electronic calendars. Anyone who knows they have trouble remembering names may be careful to listen carefully when a new person is introduced to them. Anyone who feels like they can focus better in a calm environment can especially look for silence. And if you find that a certain learning strategy isn’t working well, you can try another, possibly more promising one.

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