NAMM 2021: Unlimited mobility with new guitar amps from the VOX MINI GO series!

NAMM 2021: Grenzenlos mobil mit den neuen Gitarrenamps der VOX MINI GO Serie!

Fully equipped

Vowel name

New Mini Go 3 Amplifier from VOX. © VOX

The new mobile amplifiers of the MINI GO series can be easily integrated anywhere in a composer’s everyday life and can also be understood with additional functions. The most important features are presented here.

The amplifiers of the Mini Go series offer unlimited mobility and it is possible to play guitar anywhere – whether at home, outside or on stage. These amps are lightweight, compact and can also be operated with standard power banks if necessary.

They also offer powerful and realistic amplifier models based on the VOX Cambridge50, as well as a newly developed vocoder for “talking” modulation effects, offering a variety of guitar sounds, a microphone input, an aux input, a headphone connection. And is the integrated effect for a cadence segment. The contributions of grooves from many different styles.

Comprehensive tools

In addition to the extensive basic equipment of all models, the VOX MINI GO 10 and VOX MINI GO 50 also provide an integrated looper. The Mini Go 50 also provides three memory locations for user voice. The various functions of the Mini GO 10 and 50 can also be controlled by foot using the VFS3 foot switch (optional or available as a set). With this device, nothing stands in the way of a perfect presence, no matter when and where.

The two models VOX MINI GO 10 and VOX MINI GO 50 are also available with matching VFS3 foot switches.

Most important features at a glance

of all types:

  • Modeling amp with 11 amplifier models
  • Especially light and compact
  • 8 integrated effects
  • Newly developed autoimmunity effect
  • Integrated rhythm section with 33 high quality drums and percussion grooves
  • Separately adjustable microphone input
  • Power supply also possible through a standard power bank (not included)
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Walk Mini 3:

  • Maximum output power: 3 watts (RMS)
  • 5 “speaker

Vox Mini 10 Go:

  • Integrated looper with 45 seconds of recording time
  • Connection possibility for optional VFS3 3-way foot switch to control looper, effect and rhythm section
  • Switchable output power, maximum 10 watts (RMS)
  • 6,5 “speaker
  • Bracket mechanism for angled installation of amplifier


  • 3 memory locations for user voice
  • Integrated looper with 45 seconds of recording time
  • Connection option for optional VFS 3 3-way footwatch to call 3 user sounds and to control the looper, effects and rhythm section.
  • Switchable output power, maximum 50 watts (RMS)
  • Speaker
  • Bracket mechanism for angled installation of amplifier

Availability: March 2021

Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Prices (including VAT):

  • Vox Mini GO 3: 179,00 €
  • Vox Mini GO 10: 229,00 €
  • VOX MINI GO 50: 309,00 €
  • 3-way foot switch for VOX VFS3 MINI GO Series: € 69.00
  • VOX MINI GO 10 SET (including VFS3 foot switch): € 279.00
  • VOX MINI GO 50 SET (including VFS3 foot switch): € 359.00

More information can be found at Official product website.

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