Depart for Canada! Grizzly pair go to U20 World Cup

Raabe Nijenhuis

Depart for Canada! The U20 World Cup begins on December 25 in Edmonton – and there are two ice hockey cracks from the Wolfsburg Grizzlies! Defender Steven Rabe and attacker Jan Nijenhuis made the leap into the squad designated by national coach Tobias Abstreiter on Wednesday. In addition to the 27-man squad, ten players are on-call so that they can respond to failures.


The tournament known internationally as the “World Juniors” is very important, and incoming NHL stars often play there – so is Tim Stutzle for DEB selection, who finished third in the first round of the draft by the Ottawa Senators over the summer Were built on , The nominee, should be fit again by the tournament despite an injury. There are also Lucas Reichel (drafted by Isabren Berlin, Chicago Blackhawks) and John-Jason Peterka (EHC Munich, drafted by Buffalo Saber) – and the Rebbe and Nebenhuis in the middle.

“As a young player, you always dream of being able to play in the U20 World Cup – wow!” The Rebbe said of the nomination. “The tournament has become more and more popular. And in Canada, it is sure to be even more fun.“In the homeland of ice hockey, the tournament is even more important, and the NHL will not play again during this period – so the tournament will attract even more attention.

Both Rabe and Nijenhuis were already part of the German Perspecten team for the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing in November and competed in the Germany Cup with them. “We had players with us who knew there was a good chance of joining the team,” explains the coach abstractor.

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Germany will meet Finland, Canada, Switzerland and Slovakia in Group A in Edmonton. In Group B, Austria, Russia, Sweden, Czech Republic and USA compete. There will be no charge from the top division as other U20 tournaments have been canceled. The tournament will be based on the model of the NHL playoffs in Edmonton, which will be in the “bubble”, ie separate from the spectators. “It will be a unique experience, even if it’s good with fans,” believes Nijnhuis, who has already experienced Canada: “I’ve been to Toronto twice with the young Eagles Mannheim. But Edmonton I never. “

Following an initial phase at F├╝ssen on 13 December (from 6 December), the DEB team would fly from Zurich to Canada, remain in isolation there for a few days after arrival, and possibly begin training on 18 December. Test matches against Austria (21 December) and the Czech Republic (23 December) are on the schedule, before the game against Finland starts from the night of 25 December to the 26th (midnight German time). So Rebbe and Nijenhuis are not at home at Christmas – “But for such an event, I accept that,” says Rabe with a smile. “I’m glad to be there.” The same applies to Nijenheis: “The estimate is huge. But the focus is still on Wolfsburg, so that we can prepare well for Fussen and then Canada,” the attacker said.

DEB team for U20 World Cup in Edmonton

Tor: Tobias Ancica (Berlin), Florian Bugl (Salzburg), Arno Tiffens (Mannheim / Hellebron).

Defence: Lucas Flaid (Dresden), Maximilian Glotzl (Cologne / Bad Nauheim), Simon Gnip (Cologne / Bad Nauheim), Niklas Langer (Augsburg), Lusak Mozenberger (Cologne), Tommy Pasanan (Clarkson University), Masmubilian Zubin Carpenter (Landshut), Steven Rabe (Wolfsburg).

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Attack: Manuel Alberg (Salzburg), Jakub Borzecki (Salzburg), Julian Krobot (Cologne / Bad Nauheim), Samuel Dubey (Salzburg), Florian Elias (Mannheim (Heilbronn), Nino Kinder (Berlin), Elias Lindner (Salzburg) Jan Nijnheis (Wolfsburg), John-Jason Peterka (Munich), Lucas Reichel (Berlin), Philippe Ripnecker (Bremerhaven), Joshua Samanski (Owen Sound Attack), Tim Stutzley (Mannheim), Justin Volek (Ravensburg), Marcus Schweiger (Kaufburen).

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