Kamala Harris and Douglas Amhoff: American Vice President Meets Husband in Blind Date – Politics Abroad

Kamala Harris and Douglas Amhoff: American Vice President Meets Husband in Blind Date - Politics Abroad

Washington – America gets its first “second gentleman”. In a TV interview, the new Vice President Kamala Harris (56) now revealed how she met her husband Douglas Ehmoff (56): on a blind date!

On the “Sunday Morning” show on the television channelCBS News“The democrat also said that a friend held the meeting. But the politician did not want to give up everything to give him a chance: he googled Douglas before the meeting – contrary to his friend’s advice. It also reveals surprised husband Doug! The lawyer, in an interview with the broadcaster shortly before the inauguration, described his wife as down-to-earth and “shockingly normal”.

Meanwhile, Twitter has announced that following the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the network will set up a new government account for Emhoff at @SecondGentleman.

Who is Kamala Harris?

  • Harris was born on 20 October 1964 in Oakland, California.
  • He has Jamaican (father) -Indian (mother) roots.
  • He studied political science and economics in the capital Washington DC, and law in California.
  • In 2003, he was elected District Attorney for San Francisco. There he made controversial decisions: During campaigning, he did not demand the death penalty as a prosecutor. He did well, but resisted after killing a policeman.
  • She was the second African American woman elected to the US Senate in 2016. In early 2019, she announced that she was running for the Democratic presidential race. Your campaign immediately lost momentum. But it became clear: He is striving for something higher.
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What does Harris play in Biden’s choice?

4 Harris is a person of color: In the times of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, it was considered extremely important. As a Jamaican professor of economics and the daughter of an Indian doctor, she provides a place of identity for 30 percent of Americans who are not whites.

4 Harris offers little goals: As Attorney General and Attorney General in California, Harris took a hard line and stood behind the police. It is alleged that the Democrats wanted to throw America into anarchy, he would make fun of it.

4 Harris fit quickly: As a senator, he built a reputation for being a well-prepared and tough negotiator. She shows humor in TV shows, but is also good at shaking hands. When he scolded Donald Trump’s (74, Republican) vice president Mike Pence (61) in a TV duel, he tried to intercept him.

Joe Biden and Harris in August 2020Photo: Adam Schultes / Biden for President

4 Her family is behind Harris: Husband Douglas Ehmoff is Harris’ biggest fan and he regularly expresses it on the Internet. Sister Maya Harris has led previous election campaigns and is available to assist and advise.

Now Vice-President for Harris. She has come close to her goal: to become the first female president of the USA.

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