Rafi Rachek had to leave ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Rafi Rachek had to leave 'Celebrity Big Brother'

After Danielle, Hike, and Mimi, the fourth star has walked out – albeit not entirely willingly. On Saturday evening, a celebrity was selected from the container for the second time.

Fortune tellers Daniel Krebich and Mimi Gvodz voluntarily left the TV experiment, Heike Maurer, on the other hand, received the fewest calls from viewers and therefore had to leave “Celebrity Big Brother” on Wednesday. The next resident arrives three days later.

The nomination was to be held for the first time on Saturday evening. When Hike Maurer was kicked out, the audience alone had a say. This time 5 out of 15 population of space took the initial decision. Melanie Muller, Daniela Buchner, Ina Aogo, Paco Steinbeck and Uwe Abel were chosen by the public for the nominations. Each of them had to name two names.

Rafi checked out

Ina Aogo and Rafi Rachek were both nominated three times, with Melanie Muller, Gita Sachs, Paco Steinbeck and Daniela Buchner each only once. Nonetheless, all five nominations ended up on the list. The audience has the final say. The celebrity for whom the least number of viewers have called is known. Rafi Rachek got fewest calls and he got out.

When they came out, the former candidate for “Bachelorette” barely said a word to tears. His roommates tried to please him. He shouldn’t blame himself for doing his best. The 31-year-old had created a sensation in the past few days over a feud with Melanie Mueller.

Rafi Rachek is the fourth star to return to Earth. Daniel Krebich left the world of “Celebrity Big Brother” shortly after the opening episode for medical reasons. This was followed by the kick out of the lottery fee to Heike Maurer. On Wednesday, former “Bachelor” candidate Mimi Gvodze also volunteered.

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