“Shocked”: With whom do Lisha and Danny Buchner have Zoff?

"Shocked": With whom do Lisha and Danny Buchner have Zoff?

What is there? Danny Buechner (44) and lisha Come on? The two were filming together in Mallorca for an episode of the cooking show Perfect Celebrity Dinner, which airs on July 3. Really, you should think of a cohesive show—but the influencer and YouTuber is now apparently having a dispute with someone. Danny and Lou raid an unknown.

During filming, the two seem to have hit it off pretty well: “lishaYou’re a really good pig, I love the way you tickle,” enthused Danny. instagram from your new friend. And apparently he pitted himself directly against someone! “Danny and I were once again able to experience up close what kind of unusual people are!”said lisha on his own channel.

Both could not talk about it more precisely – if the time came, the public would find out the truth. “You’ll be as shocked as us. I’ll make this public to stop covering up people’s fake laughs!” declare lisha Feather. And Danny also agreed with the former summer house-Candidates: “The day will come when the account will be settled!”

Instagram / dannybuchner

Danny Buchner, influencer
Lisha, YouTuber

Instagram / lishaandlou_the_originals

Lisha, YouTuber
Danny Buchner, May 2022

Instagram / dannybuchner

Danny Buchner, May 2022
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