Huge drop in “Jocko and Class Against ProSieben”: Broadcast interrupted. Entertainment

Huge drop in "Jocko and Class Against ProSieben": Broadcast interrupted.  Entertainment

Huge drop in “Jocko and Klass against Pro Siben” ,

broadcast must be interrupted

That’s not how he envisioned the start of the season.

On Tuesday evening, presenter Steven Gatgen (50) welcomed two of his disciples, Jocko Winterschiedt (43) and Klas Heufer-Umlauf (39), to a new season of “Jocko and Class Against Pro Siben”. In each issue, both try to win 15 minutes of free airtime from their employer and home broadcaster ProSieben.

Joko will have a particularly painful memory of this evening…

Jocko Winterscheidt, Klaas Heffer-Umloff, Steven Gatzen, Wigold Bonning and Simon Gossejohan (from left)

Photo: ProSieben

The game “dilemma” got off to a great start: Jocko and Klass had to decide whether they would manage to get through the first level of “Super Mario Land” in under a minute with the Gameboy from 1989. Or rather want to bring a real, edible mushroom to the studio within the same time frame. Klass quickly decided on the Nintendo game, confidently rushed to the finish and even managed to collect mushrooms on the sidelines.

Luck was not with Joko… Soon after, the two had to make a decision: Would you try to cross a tree trunk with a BMX bike, ie jump? Or would you prefer to traverse the tree trunk lengthwise using ramps at the beginning and end? The class attempt failed, he could only cover a short distance. Still, Jocko suggested: “Where do you brake? Forward, backward?” Klass waved to him: “You don’t need to brake. You have to go there, I guess. With delicious dishes.”

And that’s exactly what Jocko tried to do – but fell headlong with his bike to the ground and lay there moaning: “F*** my life!” There was a lot of laughter at first—until Gatgen noticed it was no longer funny and worried Joko ran about: “All right? Did you hit the handlebars?”

Jocko's face distorted with pain: has he played his downfall here again?

As for his facial expressions, Jocko (left) doesn’t like what he sees at all… Gatzen (right) also looks serious, class seems a bit relaxed

Photo: ProSieben

Jocko groaned, cursed and held his stomach until the production workers came to him. Steven Gatgen already suspected something bad was going on, localized: “Absolutely where there are no protective clothing!” Only the cold class didn’t even touch Jocko’s scream of pain – he tried unsuccessfully to get rid of his helmet: “Everyone takes care of Jocko, and I understand don’t take off your helmet.”

Forced pause! joko walks away in pain

Meanwhile, Joko, supported by several employees, is taken backstage. Gatgen was clearly upset: “What’s the situation. Jocko is briefly treated backstage. Of course we hope he gets back on his feet quickly.”

And luckily he did – Jocko returned to the studio after a while, but still held onto his lower abdomen. Clearly upset, he complained: “I was riding a BMX on it and afterward I can’t remember anything. I slammed the handlebars into my stomach below my navel.” The class already asked a malicious question that remained unanswered: “How far from the navel?”

Double misfortune: Joko’s martyrdom did not pay off. At the end of the show, Jocko and Klass are defeated by their employer “Mr. Pro Siben” and are therefore not given 15 minutes of airtime.

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Enthusiastic fans of the moderator pair should be especially happy about their punishment: Jocko Winterschiedt and Klaas Heffer-Umloff have to moderate the ProSieben show “Galileo” every day until Friday.

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