Moritz Blebutreu talks about his wife Saskia de Tschel

Moritz Blebutreu talks about his wife Saskia de Tschel

moritz blebutreu (51) It is on cloud nine. there is no doubt about it. Because when addressed the actor about their newlywed happiness at the “Moet Effervescence Dinner” in Berlin in November, he couldn’t stop smiling. “It makes a difference when the woman suddenly bears her name,” he says, clearly proud. his wife: he is 20 years younger saskia de tschelWho is that Married very romantically on 22 July 2022 near Hamburg, What is the love recipe of both? “You just have to be in each other’s mood,” was the wonderfully honest reply from the actor. His sweetheart is also with him this evening. However, the movie star walked the red carpet alone.

You can find the full interview with Moritz Blebutreau by clicking on the video above.

Moritz Blebutreu: Happily Forgiven for Three Years

Indeed, Moritz Blebatreu rarely talks about his personal life. And so it was not surprising that he officially confirmed his relationship with the magazine “BUNTE” only in October 2021. and that, though Saskia and that time have been together for more than two years, All the better when the lovebirds appear in public – for example at the “Romey” gala in Vienna at the beginning of the year. Moritz appeared in a smart suit, his sweetheart in a skin-tight two-piece suit. No doubt, the two make a real dream couple.

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