Aldi stops first

Aldi stops first

View of Aldi Bazaar (symbol photo)

of Matthew Hoffman

Aldi Nord will close several branches before November 2022. The discount giant announced this on Twitter.

According to its own statements, Aldi Nord is the first food retailer in Germany to accommodate the opening times of “multiple markets”. It aims to make an “active contribution to saving energy”.

The markets participating in the promotion will close at 8 pm from November 1 this year. Aldi makes it clear: “This initially applies to the winter season 2022/2023.” However, Aldi did not write which branches are affected.

In the era of skyrocketing electricity prices, other companies are also gearing up.

The individual Saturn store and the Galleria Karstad Kaufhof department store have closed the escalators. Two Ikea branches in the Saarland closed earlier.

Asklepios clinics unplug the electrical equipment in patients’ vacant rooms instead of putting them on standby. The ECE (shopping center) closes the fountains.

According to a BILD report, the railways has switched off the lights in its tower. The Otto Group sends many employees to the home office. Buildings are heated to just 15 degrees.

Volkswagen goes up to 17 degrees in the production hall, but the workers are provided with warm clothes. Logistics delivers Junginrik Fleece Jackets.


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