Flu or Cold – Difference

Flu or Cold - Difference

flu or cold? – Symptom

Both diseases affect the respiratory tract and impair general well-being. They are accompanied by symptoms such as cough, sore throat and runny nose. If you cold or flu Therefore it is difficult to identify by general symptoms. However, there are specific Difference in between Fever And Cold,

specific flu

If you are considering whether you Fever or a Cold Already the onset of the disease is interesting. The real virus flu starts suddenly and quite violently. The fever rises rapidly and lasts for about three to four days. It is accompanied by headache as well as cough, sore throat, chills and cold sweats. Overall, you feel very tired and don’t even want to get out of bed.

Other symptoms will appear later. These include muscle and joint pain, loss of appetite, and hoarseness.

How intense are the symptoms will help you DistinctionIf Fever either Cold, but not necessary. Flu symptoms are not always very obvious. Also, it is not necessary that all the symptoms appear at the same time.

As a rule, some of the symptoms of the real flu last longer. After about 14 days the critical illness is gone. But symptoms like decreased performance, an annoying cough or decreased health can stay with you for days and weeks.

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Common cold

“A cold lasts seven days”, knows the local language and is generally correct. It’s about eight to ten days before the really scary ends. are you one? Fever or a Cold You notice already at the onset of the disease. in Cold Symptoms come on more slowly. You have a runny nose, an itchy throat, and you probably don’t feel completely fit.

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These symptoms gradually intensify. There are also others such as headache and body aches, cough and hoarseness. If you have a fever at all, it doesn’t equal a Fever, Against of Fever goes Cold Comes leisurely too. After the said eight to ten days you will be fit again. You don’t get a week of pain after a cold like you do with the flu.

flu or cold – pathogen

the difference between Fever And Cold Also contained in stimulants. Although both are viral diseases, the true flu is caused by only one virus, the influenza virus.

For Cold On the other hand, more than 200 different viruses come under question. Since the symptoms caused by these viruses are very similar, they are summarized under the term “cold” – especially since it is not relevant in everyday life which cold virus you have. The effort involved in determining this is not proportionate to the profit. So the word “cold” is a practical invention.

flu or cold treatment

Since both diseases are viral, antibiotics won’t get you very far. The only thing that helps here is to ease the symptoms. Since they are similar, home remedies and pharmaceutical preparations are certainly similar – even if they are Fever either Cold,

Cold tea with buckthorn, thyme, chamomile or linden blossom not only provides fluid, but also has an anti-inflammatory effect. A gargle or candy with sage can work well for a sore throat. A little honey in the tea helps here too.

If you can’t sleep well at night with a stuffy nose, you can also try a short-term decongestant. But always remember: use for a maximum of one week. If, on the other hand, the cough does not allow you to rest at night, you should bring a cough suppressant for you from the pharmacy.

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Comfort is the best recipe, even if you have one Fever or a Cold have. This gives your body the opportunity to fully focus on fighting the invading virus.

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