RTL star announces news with sexy photo

RTL star announces news with sexy photo

Ekaterina Leonova is not in the final of ‘Let’s Dance’ this year.Image: DPA / Rolf Weinberd

Next Friday will be the big “Let’s Dance” finale, at the end of which the “dancing star” will be chosen. After their two-year hiatus, Ekaterina Leonova and her dance partner did not make it to the final round this time around – a situation almost unfamiliar to them, as they previously won one-on-one with Gil Ofrim, Ingolf Luck and Pascal Haynes Was. This year’s hero Bastian Bielendorfer lacked the necessary talent, and it was not possible to avoid it in the ninth episode.

All single fans will still get their money’s worth in the finals, as the 35-year-old will be performing on the floor again. Now the dancer wrote a post on this occasion instagram Closed – and put an exciting piece of information on the very edge.

“Let’s Dance” star mentions secret format

“Tomorrow, the #SexRocket team will bring their favorite dance to life. Which dance do you think Basti and I will be performing on Friday?” Ekta asked about 247,000 of her followers, indicating that training was again the order of the week.

She must have attached four pictures in which she is wearing two different dance outfits, which in turn are quite tight and correspondingly sexy. He provided the following information:

“PS: The photos were taken on set for a different format. But it’s still a mystery.”

this is the sentence that gives them fan Of course listen. In the comments, many users emphasize that they are very excited about the new format, whatever it may be. One viewer already expressed a pretty solid idea of ​​what the mystery might be: The big “Let’s Dance” gala, which follows the professional challenge, follows June 4.

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Encore for “Let’s Dance” Fans

There is already an announcement for the event, which says: “In a very special studio environment, five of the most popular celebrities of recent years and the entire professional dancer ensemble reunited in the famous ‘Let’s’ for a very long time.” She will come for a special show. Dance’ – Studio Inn Perfume Osendorff together.”

The special is promised viewers “unprecedented duet dancing, breathtaking group dancing and spectacular show work – as well as many entertaining specials never seen before on ‘Let’s Dance’.” Daniel Hartwich and Victoria Swarovski lead through the show, and the main jury around Joachim Lambi is also part of the party.

Chapter is for Ekaterina Leonova "let's Dance" 2022 is not over yet.

For Ekaterina Leonova, the chapter “Let’s Dance” 2022 is not over yet.Image: Getty Images Europe / Joshua Samer

If Ekaterina Leonova’s Instagram post is really related to the gala, then the format won’t even be that secret. The follower seems quite convinced with his tip and also gives a hint in the pictures: “Five of the most popular celebrities are supposed to be there and you’re wearing a ‘Team Pomcat’ salsa outfit.” As a reminder, “Team Pomkat” was a 2019 nickname for dance couple Ekta/Pascal Haynes on the show.

However, on 4 June the recording of the gala will take place only in Cologne; It will not be broadcast on television at the same time. Hence it will not be a live event for all TV viewers.


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