The beloved mini-queen receives mail from the real Queen Elizabeth II

The beloved mini-queen receives mail from the real Queen Elizabeth II

No one can take away from the United States of America this title from Jalne Sutherland (1): Your royal sweetness!

The parents took a picture of the little ones in royal attire and sent it to the royal palace. Suddenly the mini-queen matches the real Elizabeth!

The picture was taken for Halloween 2020. According to British media, mother Caitlin Sutherland said: “We chose the outfit because our dogs are our daughter’s best friends.” Four-legged buddies are corgis – the British Regent kept this breed for over 60 years.

And so the little queen accompanied the two dogs from house to house and received innumerable compliments, apart from sweets. “My favorite reaction was when people bowed down to Jalayne as well and spoke to her with Her Majesty,” said the proud mini-queen mom.

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And here’s the original: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.Photo: WireImage

Caitlin and husband Aaron are big fans of the royals. The woman from the US state of Ohio says: “We really admire Queen Elizabeth II.” So it was clear that the Americans had sent a year’s worth of sugar-sweet photos to Buckingham Palace.

Meanwhile there was a response from England across the Atlantic! A close confidant of the monarch wrote to the Sutherland family on stationery from the Queen’s official weekend residence, Windsor Castle.

Lady-in-Waiting Mary Anne Morrison: “The Queen asked me to write you a letter, thank you for the letter. She was very pleased to see the photo of your daughter, Jalney.” Subordinates call the dress “fantastic.” In fact, the gloves The doppelganger look is just perfect, including the pearl necklace and hat!

A small talk for the girl was attached to the letter. The letter was dated December 9. Only now the British media has reported this.

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