Dummel cancels deal with Seed Confetti: This is what’s behind it

In a TV start-up show, Seed Confetti featured an eclectic alternative to traditional confetti. Despite a handshake with investor Ralph Dummel, no money has come in so far.

On the show, investor Ralph Dummel still likes eclectic confetti—but he hasn’t paid any money yet.

TV Now / Bernd-Michael Maurer

Ralph Dummel was quite convinced. “I believe I’m right for you,” Scher called the founders of the seed confetti startup Monday after their appearance on the “Die Hohle der Löwen” show. The Berlin company previously presented an ecological alternative to traditional confetti, which is mostly made of paper or plastic. “Seed confetti is colorful, organic, vegan, TUV-tested, compostable and contains plant seeds,” said co-founder Christoph Trimborn den Löwen. The mix contains 24 native plant species, such as cornflower, corn poppy or wild pansy.

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With their confetti parcels, the trio claim to have already raised over half a million euros. Investor Dummel made an offer: he offered to invest the desired 200,000 euros for 20 percent of the shares. After a brief discussion, an agreement was reached with Dummel to initially sell only ten percent – the remaining five percent of the shares should flow as soon as Lion has placed the product in 10,000 branches.

“Disagree on Strategic Direction”

As Grundersgen learned, nothing is flowing at the moment – neither money nor shares. This deal could not be done after the show. “We have not yet reached an agreement on strategic direction and therefore the deal has not been closed,” said Katja Filipenko, co-founder of Seed Confetti. Financing by business expert Dummel isn’t off the table just yet. “We have prepared intensively for the broadcast and will then sit down again and talk about a common future as a startup and as an investor. We are still in touch, ”said Filipenko.

For investor Ralph Dummel, the unfinished deal is a novelty in the tenth season of “Die Hohle der Leuven”, as all the deals he has made so far have come about. You can read a great analysis of all Lion’s investments now out tomorrow on Grundersgen.

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