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Anna-Carina Wojciech's foreign flirt Adriano Salvaggio is in love with another TV star.
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Anna-Carina Wojciech and Stefan Moss have made their split official. Recently, rumors have been circulating that the singer is dating her “Skate Fever” partner, Adriano. He has now announced his relationship – but he is dating another woman.

Traunstein-Galten stephen miss (46) and Anna-Carina Wojciech (30) Once hit as the most romantic couple the world had to offer, they are now facing the pieces of their love story. The hit stars announced their separation on Instagram and left their fans heartbroken. Long before the sad news, the relationship was hovering at a distance—in a whirlwind of marital woes, affair rumors, and distant public appearances.

Foreign Flirt at Skate Show: Affair Rumors About Anna-Carina Wojciech

In September, Stephen Morse and his girlfriend spoke openly about their marital problems for the first time. To make matters worse, cheating rumors were also noticeable at the time. anna carina woitschek He had relationships with two of his “Skate Fever” colleagues, Adriano Salvaggio (26) and Lady Mangold (35) and Stefan appeared personally during the shooting of the RTL 2 show to keep an eye on his talented wife.

Anna-Carina Wojciech denied rumors that she was dating her “Skate Fever” partner Adriano Salvaggio. Absolutely not – because the 26-year-old actress has been in love with another TV star for a long time. © screenshot/Instagram/a_sal247; Imago/Andre Lenthe (photomontage)

fired celebrity collaborators though Lola Weipert only continues to spread rumors about Anna-Carina Wojciech, but on Instagram the singer spoke openly about her love life and denied: there was no other man. Because the alleged flirt of Anna-Carina has long had a completely different love.

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TV stars in love: Adriano Salvaggio, the exotic flirt of Anna-Carina Wojciech, has a new girlfriend

Anna-Carina Wojciech and Adriano Salvaggio are said to have hit it off on the “Skate Fever” set, but there seems to be some spark left. Because the sympathetic curly head, who should be best known from the “Love Island” dome show, has given his heart to another: “Germany’s Next Top Model” star Claudia Geise (26). Unlike the build.d The two confirmed their happiness in love and that should have finally put to rest all speculation about their relationship with the pop singer.

No one knows how things will continue for Stefan Moss and Anna-Carina Wojciech. After all, the joint “Immer Widder Schlager” tour is indeed coming next year. on social media Schlager fans are now reacting to Anna-Carina Wojciech and Stefan Märas’ split, Sources Used:,,

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