Ekaterina Leonova makes a difficult decision

Ekaterina Leonova makes a difficult decision

Ekaterina Leonova now talks about her professional future.Photo: Instagram/Ekaterina Leonova


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Ekaterina Leonova celebrates her return in 2022 after a two-year “Let’s Dance” break. In the past, a professional dancer even managed to set a record: she managed to win the title of “Dancing Star” three times in a row. However, it hasn’t been easy for the 35-year-old in her professional and personal life, as she openly admitted.

In Interview with rtl She said about a year ago: “It was really bad at the beginning of the year. My employment contract ended. I knew I had to look for a new job. think Relationship Finished. I was broken over that.” Many times he was also threatened to be expelled from the country. Russia,

But fortunately, Ekaterina found a new job with the marketing-communications team of the company SIM in Munich. As she recently revealed, she has now taken it again. now he surprises her fan Albeit with a decision that affects his professional future.

Ekaterina Leonova makes a professional decision

Feather instagram The dancer shared the following statement: “Before any rumors arise again, I want to share an important step with you today. It has become clear to me recently (especially during the ‘Let’s Dance’ tour) that it is very difficult to juggle multiple TV formats, workshops and dance training. But you already know me: When I start something, I want to do it with 100 percent commitment.”

And further: “For this reason, I unfortunately had to end my collaboration with Sim. This decision was not easy for me. It was really a great time, with very interesting projects and encounters. I am currently Sim does not want to miss, so return from both sides was not ruled out. His fans immediately wished him success in all that now awaits him in the future.

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One user wrote: “Even though your colleagues will miss you, I’m glad you’re staying with us on various TV projects (I hope on ‘Let’s Dance’ as well).” Another user pointed out: “I think that’s great about Sam, that he hired you when you really needed a job And it was not yet known how and when other options would develop. I’m feeling so generous the sim is letting you go again so you can do what we do and you fun Power.”

However, there were also critical comments. For example, one user said of Ekat’s post: “I hope you do it of your own free will and not because your new friend asked you to.” Ekaterina immediately clarified: “Of course, of her own free will.”

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