Argentina – Croatia: Ivana Knoll was happy here… – Football

Argentina - Croatia: Ivana Knoll was happy here... - Football

Croatia’s title dream shattered on Tuesday evening! Lionel Messi (35) has magic and Argentina is in the final after winning 3-0.

Not a good evening for Miss Croatia!


opponents dribbling dizzy
The world is marveling at this Messi template

Source: ARD

Along with the Croatians, their most famous fans are also mourning the desert World Cup.

Ivana Knol (30) applauded all the performances of Luka Modric live in the stadium. She always made the audience go crazy with another sexy outfit.

In a strapless checked outfit and jeans, she tried to cheer on her team in the final. However, it didn’t work! Macy & Company objected.

Miss Croatia Ivana Knol was still laughing in the stands before the game

Before the match, Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll sparks laughter in the stands

Photo: Tom Weller/dpa

In any case, Noel will remain at the Emirates until the final.

Because she likes it so much in the desert, she changed her plans: “I really wanted to leave when the Croatians were finished. But now I will definitely stay until the final, no matter who is playing there.”

Argentina definitely is! And Ivana can cheer on her team once again. On Saturday at 4 p.m. Croatia are still fighting for third place in the World Cup. The opponent is either France or Morocco.

Miss Croatia’s outfit caused a stir not only in the World Cup semi-finals.

In a 0–0 draw against Morocco, Ivana already appeared in a Croatian hooded dress with a very deep neckline.

In this outfit he cheered the preliminary round game in the stands

In this outfit he cheered the preliminary round game in the stands

Photo: Noldol/Instagram

In the win against Canada (4:1), her dress was already strapless. In the round of 16 against Japan (4:2 aet), Noll exposed himself naked in the stands.

Ivana Knoll poses with a fan in a checkered dress.

Ivana Knoll herself photographed in a checkered outfit with a fan

Photo: Robert Michael / dpa

Knoll celebrates in the stands of the Education City stadium with Croatian Czech colors in a skin-tight latex outfit during the quarter-final against Brazil (5:3 aet).

knoll in latex clothing

ivana knoll in latex

Photo: Withers

Knoll was born in Frankfurt as the daughter of a German father and a Croatian mother, and even went to school there for a few years.

The model is already followed by 2.6 million people on Instagram. With pictures like this, there probably won’t be less in the future.

The Croatian is a real super fan, having already been to Brazil in 2014 and Russia in 2018. Of course always in bold outfits…

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