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Fitnesstats Fitness Stats - Zusammenfassung von Apple Watch Workouts Apple iOS Software

Fitness Stats displays a summary of all Apple Watch workouts.

Want a summary of all Apple Watch workouts at the end of the year? You can with Fitness Stats. The app is only available for iPhone and costs €2.49. The app requires access to fitness data from the Health app on first start. I think the app will only show data from fitness gadgets other than those coming from the Apple Watch, as long as the data is transferred to the Health app. The app then shows an overview of the workouts completed. The start date can be chosen freely.

Fitnessstats-duo Fitness Stats - Apple Watch Workouts Summary Apple iOS Software

There are additional subsections for the most common workout types. My overview provides a division into walking, running and hiking. A distinction is also made between automatically recognized routes and workout starts during walking and cycling. My personally tracked workouts include: running, hiking, swimming, yoga, biking, skiing, rowing, and HIIT workouts. There are probably other types of workouts that I’ve never tracked. Strength training isn’t listed, it seems, because something should be in my data.

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