Out of understanding! Kate Moss’s sister gets drunk face tattoo

Out of understanding!  Kate Moss's sister gets drunk face tattoo

One drink, one hoe, one tattoo. For Lottie Moss, the younger half-sister of supermodel Kate Moss, a night of partying ended with a lasting memory.

Stories of drunken tattooing come from sailors or Hollywood movies. But it hasn’t been a funny story for 24-year-old Lottie Moss. He has a new tattoo on his cheek from the last night of the party.

The model posted a video of the same on her TikTok profile. Visibly drugged, Moss lies in a tattoo artist’s chair. “I’m getting a face tattooed. After a drink or two, maybe it’s better not to do it at all,” she looks at the camera. Still, she is unmoved and lies under the needle.

The template for the figure is glued under his left eye. As soon as the needle is pricked under his eye, the writing becomes visible. After a short process, “Boyfriend” is emblazoned in cursive on her cheek.

“I could have saved myself”

The video also shows Lottie in the morning after. Lying in bed, looking hungover, she admits: “I really don’t have much to say about last night, except that I could have saved myself.” Lottie Moss is a little nervous about her night shift: “I don’t really mind. It’s here now. I’ll learn to love it. The world will learn to love it. Hopefully my mom will too.”

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