Reutte promotes access to public spaces

Reutte promotes access to public spaces

This year’s Tyrolin Monitoring Committee focuses on osferrein

Tyrol / Reichseller State

Whether traffic zones, green zones, parks or all areas of public facilities – apply to all of them: only if they can be used without outside help, then all citizens of society can freely face their everyday lives Are capable of.

“People with disabilities not only need a barrier-free apartment – barriers must also be removed in public places so that affected people can walk in fresh air without administrative procedures, doctor visits or assistance,” he says. Isolde KafkaChairman of the Tirolian Monitoring Committee to oversee the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Consequently, not only should the interior of public buildings be barrier-free, but the way and access to public facilities for people with disabilities must also be barrier-free.

The “Mayer Siegfried Singer-Platz” between the Reute District Commission and the Rutte Municipal Office is a prime example of barrier-free access.

“With the new building of the district administration, barrier-free access to the office premises was made possible. The square has now been made visually and still barrier-less. Parking can be maintained for people with disabilities, although the space is otherwise now carless. This makes the dress functional and consistent, ”emphasizes. Katharina Rumpf, District head of Reute.

“While the term ‘handicapped accessible’ or ‘wheelchair accessible’ was used in the past, today we speak of ‘barrier free’. Not only the choice of words, but also the approach has changed. Because each one of us One may experience restrictions in mobility during his or her life, for example due to an accident or age-related impairment. The community should also take this fact into consideration ”, emphasizes Gunter Salchaner, Mayor of Reutte.

Accessibility – a broad term

“Accessibility exceeds ramps and elevators. It is about as smooth, flat surfaces as possible, whereby longitudinal and transverse slopes should be minimized. It is important that barrier-free solutions are clearly marked, ”Bernhard P. Gruber explains, who are usually sworn and court-certified experts and members of the watchdog committee.

In addition, access also includes acoustic guidance systems for blind people as well as users with impaired hearing and information boards in simple language.

“Whether spatial planning, approval process or monument protection – various expert opinions are involved in the implementation of the projects. I say: Experts should also be called on accessibility questions, “demands Gruber, who praises the barrier-free solution of” Mayor Siegfried Singer-Platz. “

“Barrier-free lower markets, which are currently being built, are also major projects in Tyrol, along with the meeting area and the park.”

Public meeting of Tyroline Monitoring Committee in Reutte

“The Tyron Monitoring Committee has decided to visit the territories and investigate the regional implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Districts. This year we are focusing on the district of Reutte. The public meeting of the Tyrol Monitoring Committee will also take place on the premises of the Chamber of Commerce on June 17, 2021, ”reports Isolde Kafka, who calls for interested parties to attend the meeting from 2pm.

Questions and suggestions can also be submitted in advance by e-mail at servicestelle.gleich [email protected] or by phone on +43 512 508 3292.

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