(37) Bad conscience. ndr.d.

(37) Bad conscience.  ndr.d.

broadcast: bold diagnosis | 05/31/2022 | 06:00 am

37 minutes
, 05/31/2023 . available up to

Thomas K. is at the end of his strength. Since the heart attack, he is shocked from sleep with a rapid heartbeat every night and is never able to rest. Is he dealing with his onslaught of violent nightmares? Or maybe he has something close to his heart and the doctors in the emergency room didn’t see him at the time? One small detail finally brings his wife Manuela to the fore.

|Author: Volker Arendo


|Warning spoilers! By clicking on this link you will learn more about diagnosis disease.


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|NDR Listen to the science podcast Synapse! The current episode is about dreams: dreams come every night – and some of them too. Some we remember, some don’t. Do they make sense or are they just a night storm of neurons in the brain?


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