Scented Brand From Hard Rock Star – Wacken Hammer on “Lions Cave” – ​​TV

Scented Brand From Hard Rock Star - Wacken Hammer on "Lions Cave" - ​​TV

He smells great.

The season finale on Monday evening at “Lions Den”—and the founders came up with not only a ponytail, but a metal mat as well.

But earlier it was not a ponytail, but the turn of a real horse!

there’s a horse in the studio

Horse trainer Alexandra Ninety (53) was accompanied by her daughter, Kadia, who walked gracefully in the “Lions Den” studio on stallion Tejano. Racing driver Nico Rosberg (36) was impressed: “Wow. Very beautiful.”

To protect the horses, the nineties had developed the “Stalzuber”, a magic wand that allowed the reins to be directed in a balanced manner that was gentle on the horse. She wanted 50,000 euros for a 25 percent stake in the company – and came up with investor Ralph Dummel (55), a true horse lover, who happily commented on the stallion Tejano: “Look, he’s waving!”

Horse trainer Alexandra Ninety presents her “Stable Magic” – a training aid for riders that allows the horse to gently wield the reinsPhoto: RTL

Carsten Maschmeyer (63) was suffering from allergy pain and began to sniff: “I have a very strong allergy to horse hair. It is now in the air. Now you can see that I also talk as if I have a cold.” “

He was straight out, but Dummel struck, also securing 33 percent for the required 50,000 euros and ninety’s eyes gleamed: “Now we’re really starting.”

Metallic perfume for Wacken fans

When Axl Rudy Pell (61) entered the studio, investor Judith Williams (50) had to hold onto her chair in shock: she played a loud guitar solo in greeting.

It’s simple for Bochum’s man, who has been touring the world’s stages with his band since the early 1980s: “It’s a wonderful feeling when you’re on stage, like Waken, for example. “

Rocker Axel Rudy Pell branded his own perfume for the lions

Rocker Axel Rudy Pell introduces his perfume brand “Nights fragrance” for lionsPhoto: RTL

But the guitarist not only has agile fingers, but also a keen nose: “There are a lot of stars who have their own scent. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, more recently Ramstein too. But no real rock ‘n’ roll fragrance lines So I thought to myself, I’ll do it myself.”

Pell tinkered with his fragrance creations for months, until he developed seven rocker fragrances from his new brand, “Knights Fragrance,” which he was now offering investors to try.

Judith Williams apparently liked one of the fragrances

Judith Williams apparently liked one of the fragrancesPhoto: RTL

Georg Köffler (65) was particularly enthusiastic about the “Noble Forest” fragrance: “Super. Slightly smoky.” Nico Rosberg also tested—and got excited about—the scent “Vanoir”: “I could very well have imagined it for my wife.”

“Earth Woods” should be sprucing up the bedroom or festival tent with patchouli—Judith Williams knew her stuff surprisingly well: “It’s an aphrodisiac. They even say patchouli is the smell of sexual revolution.” “

Lions smell metal from pails - In photo: Carsten Mashmeyer, Judith Williams and Nico Rosberg (from left)

Lions smell metal from pails – In photo: Carsten Mashmeyer, Judith Williams and Nico Rosberg (from left)Photo: RTL

Pell was expecting 50,000 euros for 35 percent of “Night’s Fragrance” – however, despite the provocative aroma, reactions were muted. Mashmeyer was the first to say goodbye: “That’s not enough for me. I’m laid off.”

Köffler expressed awe of the power of competition: “In a world characterized by competition, a lot of marketing is necessary. There’s an incredible amount coming your way.”

However, information about the fan base of the band named “Axel Rudy Pell” took some respect from the Lions: “We have sold over two million physical recordings. We are now able to generate over 150 million streams with our songs.” are capable.”

Nevertheless, in the end no investors were found for the hard rock star, Axl Rudy Pell let alone the marketing of his metallic fragrance.

Without a deal – but with a record: Pell’s loudest performance ever in “Lions Den”.

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