After the Ramstein concert: In search of a beautiful blonde

Ben mit Becher auf dem „Rammstein“-Konzert

“It’s an incredibly beautiful day…” rapper Crowe sings in his song “Bye Bye” and describes how someone meets the love of his life on a train – but doesn’t dare talk to him. Ben’s story is a bit reminiscent of a song. Last week at the “Rammstein” concert at Volkspark Stadium, he fell in love with a blonde and failed to talk to her. But unlike Crow’s song, Ben still hopes for a happy ending.

Young, blond, with red lips, a top and some tattoos, Ben describes the woman who promoted him to Cloud Seven at the “Rammstein” concert on June 15. She was there with a brunette friend and later joined a larger women’s group.

Rammstein concert-goers looking for handsome strangers

In the “Dixie area” Ben first meets the stranger at the entrance. “Our eyes met and we both immediately smiled,” He describes the moment in a Facebook post, “We saw each other moving into the interior several times and there was immediate sympathy.”

In between, he lost sight of him, only to see him again later on the infield near the firing zone – then “he immediately looked at me and I smiled at him over and over again, but then the show really started and I didn’t see him more,” describes Ben. They met for the third time at the Bratwurst stand in front of the Stellingen S-Bahn station, but there too no talks took place.

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On the S21 in the direction of Bergdorf, there was a “crow moment” when the pretty young woman said “bye” to Ben at her Rothenburgsort station, and he went back again, but then said goodbye and left the train – without saying his name or Asking for his cell phone number.

The Facebook post has already garnered over 1000 likes, around 190 comments and has been shared over 1200 times. Ben’s wish: “To be able to find her and chat with her, to say thank you at least for the beautiful memory of this mega concert.” So that the “incredibly beautiful day” leads to a happy ending – on the contrary Crow. (worth)

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