Cologne Hit Disco at Ballerman: Marita Kolner Opens Her “Little Heaven” | Entertainment

Cologne Hit Disco at Ballerman: Marita Kolner Opens Her "Little Heaven" |  Entertainment

Cologne hits the disco at Ballerman ,

Marita Kolner Opens Her “Little Heaven”

Viva becomes Espaa Viva Colonia!

The original Cologne way of life is available from 1 September directly in a new Schlager disco at Bierstrasse am Ballermann. The star of Rhenish feel-good music, Marita Kolner (64, “Bad Girls Go to Mallorca”) opens “Marita’s Little Paradise”.

BILD learned this exclusively.

This is what Marita Kolner looks like in normal life. DJ Mark Colonia got hot. The entrance to “Marita’s Little Paradise” on Bierstrasse is simpler still. Kölner: “No one can ignore us from September 1 onwards.” About 400 guests fit in it. The dance hall was called “Karusel”. Entry should be free. But some evenings have minimal consumption.

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Who can wait for the new basement restaurant?

Marita Köllner, also known as ‘Et Fussich Julche’ (due to the redheaded wig she wore during the performance), smiles at BILD: “From the second week of September, the so-called ‘Cologne Weeks’ have been taking place in Ballermann for decades. Many people from the Rhineland travel there, not just from the city of the cathedral. And celebrate life there. With Pietermnchen being brought along , these are small Kölsch barrels. There is also a traditional, small, carnival parade with a lot of costumed tourists. What didn’t exist before is a disco where mainly Cologne music, carnival evergreens and Jaken artists New things from the K community are played. We will be adding current hits and party hits until at least the end of September. Plus, well-known Cologne carnivalists and pop singers from the region perform with us.”

The singer is also a jack to the power of three outside Carnival.  Have fun with everyone  Here she swaps wigs with comedian Heiko Harig (in her role as Grandma Gertrude)

The singer is also a jack to the power of three outside Carnival. She has been on stage for 56 years and joins everyone’s fun. Here she swaps wigs with comedian Heiko Harig (in her role as Grandma Gertrude)

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Isn’t it a risk in the tough gastronomic scene on Playa de Palma?

Kolner thoughtfully said: “Yeah, that’s it. Absolutely. But I also wanted to give something back to the people who’ve supported me for decades. They want to celebrate with their favorite music. That too on vacation. Your darlings.” Drink Kölsch. I already have my first table order from Prinzengarde Köln. Singer Mickey Brühl, who had his first Mallorca hit ever with ‘Buenos Dias, Mathias’, performs. And I’m not alone. Carlos And Paul, two experienced restaurateurs, bring in the expertise. That way I can fully focus on my role as hostess.”

Marita Köllner reveals all the details about the new Schlager disco, Köllsche Wochen, and why Mallorca was her personal salvation in the BILD podcast “Das 17. Bundesland”. You can listen to the interview from the 29th minute.

Moment! hostess? Sure, Kolner loves Ballerman. But in general the singer has much to do with performances in Germany other than the carnival session. Regularly posts selfies from German airports and the relatively well-maintained airport on Male. So when is he actually with the party people?

Marita Köllner on the BILD appointment

Marita Köllner (by the way, that’s her real name…) at a BILD appointment

Photo: Private

Singer sincerely: “I’m there as often as possible. But it’s true: in Germany, of course, I made promises that were sometimes agreed upon for years to come. Of course I have to keep them I want to do more. If only for the sake of my fans who are not on vacation at the moment. But the most important thing is this: for the Cologne weeks at Ballermann, my heart goes out to my sweet little ‘heaven’ on Bierstrasse.

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